New PC's

  Karate Kid 10:59 24 Nov 2005

Can someone answer me this, why do all new PC's come with software pre installed tying you to there contract for example Norton Internet Security Suite). Most people I know have trouble with software being pre installed. Can the suppliers stop being such a pain and just install windows not everything else. I have had to reformat three new PC's for people because of software problems. It is not fair on the consumer that people are being tied to the likes of norton when some people cannot afford it. Avast antivirus is by far the best antivirus on the planet.

Thanks for listening.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:17 24 Nov 2005

Just uninstall any software that you do not need. I have recently set up many dell laptops and always removed Norton through the add/remove programmes with no problems at all and replace dit with AVG..


  Karate Kid 11:30 24 Nov 2005

One thing the suppliers ar doing now is removing the uninstall program from the system so you have to remove the software manually. Long winded but does work. Just done one last night.

  FormatKing 12:15 24 Nov 2005

new pc's should only have O/S & drivers installed
then cust can choose what to install rsther than having to uninstall what is not required

  Smegs 12:28 24 Nov 2005

When ever we get a new PC, the first thing I do is Format and re-install what I want on.

  pauldonovan 12:57 24 Nov 2005

...they should only come with what you want on, but I suspect the manufacturers get kick-backs for installing other stuff and to be fair some home users may prefer a virus scanner installed where they just need to click to upgrade/subscribe than having to do it themselves.

You only have to add/remove there's no need to format.

  jbp1982 14:10 24 Nov 2005

this compaq.

I removed AOL, Wannadoo and several other installers for internet. I removed Norton IS 2005 and several apps that linked to snapfish phot development on the web, I alos removed their kekesyboard software as I wanted to use my own keyboard. This was a nightmare the files kept reappearing!!

It gave me about and hour and a half's work beofre I started to load my own software.

A good sturdy machine though, hasn't presented any problems relating to the software removal.

  jbp1982 14:12 24 Nov 2005


I mean't keyboard.

  sattman 15:05 24 Nov 2005

Likewise I would prefer that software was provided to be installed from choice.
As Gandalf says it is fairly easy to remove from a new DELL as they do not actually install the AV software. I am not sure if all manufacturers do this if not them we all know how difficult it can be to totally remove Norton.

On the positive side of course their will be many who purchase a new computer and welcome the situation and quite happy to use what is given.

I am guessing but it is possible also that your new computer may be discounteed if the manufactuer is geeting some discount for installing this software.

  Dan the Doctus 17:46 24 Nov 2005

My laptop came with a 3 month trial version of NIS and the first thing I did was remove it via Add/Remove programs, and replace it with AVG and ZoneAlarm (which was easy). However, it's important to remember not everyone knows about the freebie AVs available and I suspect the majority just want to hook up to the Internet and get going, in which case having an AV preinstalled can only be a good thing. I've found many people have no idea of the importance of having an AV program running when accessing the Internet.

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