New owners at the car wash

  bumpkin 23:08 18 Jun 2017

We had a brilliant car wash place just a mile from me. Ran by a guy called Mohamad or John if you prefered English (his suggestion) mine gets resin spots on from trees which he explained and then after told his staff to use another cleaner on my particular car. It would come out immaculate but not anymore it seems, now run by Polish who only seem capable of pointing and saying the word pay. A shame really but i have given it 2 tries and both times wished I had done it myself.

  martd7 00:19 19 Jun 2017

Have you tried any products on the cars paintwork that claim to resist tree sap ?

  Aitchbee 08:53 19 Jun 2017

On a practical note, I was told by the helpful lady at my local launderette that I should rub spots of neat washing-up liquid into stubborn stains on clothes before putting items into the wash.

Could you not follow a similar pre-wash tactic?

  Cymro. 11:11 19 Jun 2017

It seems all you can do is to take your custom elsewhere just make sure the new owner knows why you are no longer a regular customer.

  Forum Editor 09:23 19 Aug 2017

"...both times wished I had done it myself."


  alanrwood 10:21 19 Aug 2017

How is it that you have continual problems with tree sap. Can you not park elsewhere and not under trees.

  Pine Man 10:27 19 Aug 2017

I must confess that I have always been wary of the car washes in carparks. Particularly the ones that have a trolley to carry all there equipment and water.

It's the water that concerns me most as it is used over and over again with a sponge and must contain a lot of grit eventually. Not at all good for your car. Nor, I have to add, are the belt buckles I have noticed on some of the car cleaners just waiting to scratch your paintwork.

Some even ask you to leave them the keys while you shop so they can wipe off the door edges. I don't think I would want to hand over my keys to an unknown, uninsured stranger in a public car park.

I have to echo the FEs comment. My cars cost in excess of £30k and I want to look after them.

  bumpkin 19:17 19 Aug 2017

How is it that you have continual problems with tree sap. Can you not park elsewhere and not under trees.

Yes of course I can but I have not had a new driveway laid in order to park up the road on the street.

  wee eddie 20:19 19 Aug 2017

May I suggest adding a light cover to the area beneath the tree. A cheap Gazebo would do the trick

  bumpkin 21:04 19 Aug 2017

I am not talking about one tree but many and I like them. I shall clean it myself while the weather is ok and try the newly opened car wash in the winter, which is when they get the most dirty and foul weather for car cleaning.

  Quickbeam 08:12 20 Aug 2017

I can wash my car in less than 10 minutes, I don't get why people drive their car there and back taking up 3 or 4 times of the DIY time!

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