New multi focal spec and photochromics don't go

  jack 14:07 01 Oct 2008

Together I have discovered.
Walking out in the sun to day in my new specs
I discovered the distance section was not as sharp as it could be.
Dud lens then or my eyes have changed I wondered.
Discussing this with my friend as we sat in the eye department of the local hospital
[I had taken him for eye examination because driving home he would not be able to do]
And between us worked out what was happened

In bright light the lens darken down as they should.
As the light available to the eye is reduced. so the pupils open up.
Distance vision is therefore hampered]
Like camera lens the sharpest images come with the smaller apertures.
Thats technology for you

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:11 01 Oct 2008

Go nocturnal!!

  Brumas 14:16 01 Oct 2008

I too have vari-focal lenses and find them to be fine in most situations however there is one situation where I find them (or me) lacking!
You have pulled up at a junction and wish to turn left, as much as I crane my neck to the right to check for traffic, I find there is a blurred spot on the extreme righthand edge of my specs which necessitates me peering over/around them before I actually pull out and proceed. Is it just me?

  canarieslover 14:32 01 Oct 2008

It's not just you by any means. I thought I was the only one who had the problem until I asked a few other spectacle wearers. Quite a lot of people suffer in the same way. Alternative is distance glasses for driving and carry your other glasses for other uses. Rather negates having vari-focals in the first place.

  Brumas 14:50 01 Oct 2008

Glad to hear I am not alone and I totally agree with your last comment. What is the solution - prescription lensed side-windows ???

  lofty29 15:03 01 Oct 2008

My wife has had varifocal for years and never experienced any problems in the past, the distance section should be the same across the whole horizontal of the lens, however she recently had a new pair an is suffering this problem, sending them back for checking, wondering if they have changed the format perhaps

  BT 16:43 01 Oct 2008

The biggest problem with PhotoChromics and similar lenses are that they don't work in the car, one of the places where you usually need them! The glass of the windscreen filters out most of the UV light which they need to darken.

Brumas, I also have the same problem of Varifocal side vision being poor, and having a bit of a stiff neck as well sometimes makes it very awkward at junctions.

  Condom 17:06 01 Oct 2008

I have worn these for many years now and have got used to the many little peculiarities they have. My biggest problem years ago was falling over going up and down stairs which caused a few bruises. This happilly passed after a few weeks. The biggest problem driving is going in and out of tunnels as they do not react to the change in light that quickly and you need to be aware of the few seconds you could be driving without good vision on these occasions.

  Pineman100 17:58 01 Oct 2008

... for you varifocal wearers, please.

I've worn bifocals for many years, and each time I get a new pair, I consider buying varifocals. But for an old-timer like me they're a hell of a financial outlay on something that I haven't had a chance to test for myself.

If I understand the principle correctly, varifocals have a gradient of lens-change between your long prescription and your short prescription, instead of the hard line on bifocals. Does this mean that your middle-distance vision is improved?

For example, I can read a handheld newspaper well through my lower lens, and I can see to 'infinity' well with my upper lens. But objects about a metre or so away are not quite in focus in either lens.

Do varifocals cure this?

  Condom 19:08 01 Oct 2008

I certainly found variofocals a big improvement on bi-focals but this is YOUR eyesight and everyone is different do I would suggest you spend a few minutes with an optician and see what he says. If you are an old timer then your eye check will be free and you are under no obligation to invest in new glasses although many opticians do put some presure on you to do just that.

  jack 06:23 02 Oct 2008

When the dispenser was fitting the new glasses he was it great pains to explain the distaff side and gave me a covering leaflet, the leaflet and dispenser also mentioned not working in a vehicle because of reduced UV.

Side blurring
It happens because in the moulding of the zones these two areas are virgin untreated plastic
The learning part is to move the head and not the eyes so that the eyes look ahead all the time.

My pair and I imagine others are in three zones
Distance -
So that you can avoid the bus and see the number plate

Mid Distance
For TV and Putering

For reading and threading needles and stuff

Works too

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