new minder series possible

  sunny staines 16:00 14 Feb 2008

click here

Lets hope if it gets made it is not spoilt by a load of bad swearing that so many modern programs have these days.

enjoyed the old ones.

  dagbladet 16:05 14 Feb 2008

Hmmm. Loved the originals, didn't think the 'revamp' without Dennis Waterman worked. Chemistry gone etc.

Change, bah humbug.

  Totally-braindead 16:09 14 Feb 2008

Have to agree with dagbladet, after Dennis went I didn't like it, the new guy just didn't seem the minder type if you know what I mean.

  bstb3 16:14 14 Feb 2008

a big part of the old ones was the wonderful caricature portrayed by George Cole. Without his presenece it is hard to see how it could be Minder, in the same way that Taggart isnt Taggart without Mark McManus.

The first revamp without Dennis Waterman was ok, the original stood head and shoulders above it though.

Whats next, Sweeney without John Thaw? Leave the old shows alone, stop trying to trade on sentimentality for bygone favourites and come up with some new ideas please T.V execs.

  bstb3 16:19 14 Feb 2008

Shane Ritchie? Please no.

Coming soon, the new Professionals, starring Dale Winton as Bodie and Billie Piper as Doyle.

Its not April 1st is it?

  sunny staines 16:19 14 Feb 2008

I must say I fully agree with all the above, but by chance that might pull it off, now the sweeney another excellent one that will never be matched.

  Kemistri 16:28 14 Feb 2008

They can never remake The Sweeney, The Professionals or Minder and it would be silly to try. All made shortly before my time, so I'm grateful for the repeats on ITV4. They are great when you want a bit of straightforward, old school entertainment.

  Totally-braindead 16:50 14 Feb 2008

bstb3 now that made me laugh Dale Winton and Billie Piper as Bodie and Doyle. Who'd play Cowley?

  sunny staines 16:54 14 Feb 2008

totally braindead

did you not know then, its frank bruno.

  bstb3 16:59 14 Feb 2008

*Who'd play Cowley?*

hmm,in this day and age it would need to be someone to tick the remaining demographic boxes. Floella Benjamin would do a good job, or possiblty Eddie Izzard but he seems to be doing quite well in the States right now.

I jest and dont mean any offence, but to be honest this whole idea seems a bit off the wall.

If they are going to use Shane Ritchie, who was decent in Eastenders to be fair, they could at least do the decent thing and rename in Mincer.

  Totally-braindead 17:01 14 Feb 2008

Oh my god theres real vision of horror the three of them in The New Professionals!

It makes you wonder why they can't come up with a new program and have to consider remakes, are all the good ideas gone? Surely they can't be?

I saw Leslie Grantham on tv this week, only caught a couple of minutes of it, but they've remade Dads Army too. Is that right?

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