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A New (To Me) Debit Card Surcharge.

  morddwyd 09:35 08 May 2017

Whenever I use my debit card I use the contactless facility, and I have been doing so for some time.

Last week, however, I was surprised to be advised there would be a £5 surcharge for this facility.

This was not for the use of the debit card, which is not unusual and I am used to, but just for the use of contactless.I paid by the normal chip and pin and went on my way, but they have lost a good customer.

Anyone else come across this?

  Pine Man 11:26 08 May 2017

Your post poses two questions.

  1. 'advised there would be a £5 surcharge'. By who, your bank or retailer?

  2. 'not for the use of the debit card, which is not unusual and I am used to'. You are used to being charged to use a debit card? That has never happened to me.

  lotvic 11:42 08 May 2017

I've never heard of a surcharge for using contactless.

The limit is purchases up to £30 to use a contactless card, therefore a charge of £5 (apart from exorbitant) would take it over the £30 limit, can't see how that would work.

  bumpkin 12:23 08 May 2017

It sounds like the retailer trying it on to me, if the banks made a £5 surchsrge nobody would use the contactless transaction.

  Quiller47 12:38 08 May 2017

Some shops use to make £5 minimum spend for a debit card transaction. Smaller shops could be applying this rule for contactless. No doubt shops have to hire these machines at a cost to themselves.

  wee eddie 13:21 08 May 2017

First time I have heard of this.

Contact your Card Provider, I think someone's trying it on

  HondaMan 15:35 08 May 2017

Agree with the above. This sounds like the retailer is trying to "make a fast buck"!

  morddwyd 19:38 08 May 2017

Like most of you, I think it's a try on. I will let my bank know anyway.

The minimum spend hardly applies as the bill was£20+, and in any event the "minimum spend" thing is about defunct, except for very small retailers, as the contacrless system was introduced just for these "small change" transactions.

I rarely use cash for anything over 50p these days. While I carry some notes for amounts over the card limit, the only coinage I carry is a £1 coin for slot machines.

Thanks for the responses - it seems fairly obvious that the practice is not widespread.

  Burn-it 21:25 08 May 2017

I think they might. there will be contract conditions for the use of (acceptance) of cards.

  morddwyd 09:06 09 May 2017

Banks don't like any surcharge like this.

It might deter someone from using a card, and that means the loss of the percentage they make on the transaction.

  mikef. 10:48 09 May 2017

Definitely a rip off merchant, the charge to the retailer for using contactless is usually about 0.2%

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