New McDonalds TV ad

  BT 17:30 03 Jan 2010

Today I have seen a new TV ad for the McDonalds 'Pound Saver' Menu where I'm pretty sure they refered to a 'Bob' as an old name for a pound. As all us 'oldies' know it was the name for a shilling (5p to those who don't know what a shilling was). If it WAS the name for a pound I would be a millionaire!!

  cycoze 19:06 03 Jan 2010

I always think of a "Bob" being a shilling or 5p, I still call a 50p a "Ten Bob".

I looked the ad up online, found it here click here (for anyone who has not seen it), also found a couple of sites stating that the term "Bob" was old world for shilling and New World for pound, think i'll stick as I am.

  sunnystaines 19:14 03 Jan 2010

back in the days of the


paper 10/- and £1

how long to the £5 coin

  cream. 19:19 03 Jan 2010

What would cost you a bob then equals to a pound now or should it be a tanner to the pound?

  cream. 19:19 03 Jan 2010

got the tanner in while I was posting.

  cream. 19:20 03 Jan 2010

We also had the
half penny
half crown ( half a dollar )

  Kevscar1 19:21 03 Jan 2010


£5 coin
been around for years. Have 3 kept for my grandaughters. earliest is 1990

  sunnystaines 19:39 03 Jan 2010

never seen one, I will ask for one next time in the bank.

  wellshgit 19:59 03 Jan 2010

And the theepenny bit

  wellshgit 20:00 03 Jan 2010

whoops should be threepenny bit

  Pine Man 20:11 03 Jan 2010


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