new london port now finished

  Entwhistle2 18:44 07 Nov 2013

This looks good for the country

  [DELETED] 18:50 07 Nov 2013

Be alright when they finish the road improvements around it. Hell at times in the rush hour.

  Forum Editor 19:03 07 Nov 2013

One of my daughters is in the logistics business, and she says London Gateway is going to be a real winner. London will once again become an international trade hub.

How true the 'Easy access to national road and rail networks' claim is remains to be seen.

  Forum Editor 19:15 07 Nov 2013


What would your preferred location have been? London Gateway is owned by the world's largest marine terminal operator (DP World), the company that bought P&O for just under £4 billion.

The cost of the new port has been around £1.5 billion, and presumably the company thinks London is where it is likely to get the best return on its investment.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:28 07 Nov 2013

Bit hard to build a port in say Birmingham :0)

"International road and rail links" for that it has to be "down south"

My last full time employer was heavily involved with the rail links to the site.

  bumpkin 20:40 07 Nov 2013

Spider9, good for the South does not mean that it is bad for the rest of the country. I has been built in the most logical place in my opinion.

  H Dresser. 22:20 07 Nov 2013

Will the roads and railway around London be able to take the extra capacity. Felixstowe also recently opened a deep-sea terminal to take the largest vessels and will probably be better placed to move cargo around the UK.

  Entwhistle2 22:43 07 Nov 2013

They put it wher it makes most money

  Forum Editor 07:11 08 Nov 2013

H Dresser.

"Felixstowe also recently opened a deep-sea terminal to take the largest vessels and will probably be better placed to move cargo around the UK."

Felixtowe and Southampton have three deepwater berths between them - London Gateway will have six. It effectively doubles the UK capacity to take the world's biggest ships.

London and the South East is the UK's biggest market, and this port is right on the doorstep. A research study showed that the new port can save shippers £59 per container to the Midlands and North West and £189 per container to London and the South East. That's a powerful selling argument.

  Quickbeam 09:24 08 Nov 2013

"The 'gap' between north and south is widening, both culturally and economically. It could be said that the rest of the UK feeds off the 'South East's scraps'"

I would interpret that statement as a good reason to just get on with building HS2. Isn't that why the Victorian expansion of the railways was so important in our industrial development? New ports, new airports, new railways, new roads, they all need each other to benefit off each other to the maximum benefit for the country just as much now as 150 years ago.

  fourm member 09:32 08 Nov 2013

'entirely unbalanced economically when compared to the vast majority of the rest of the country'

That's a good broad assertion but can it be demonstrated?

2010 data from ONS shows that London & the South East accounts for 26.3% of the UK population. Scotland is 8.4% and the North East 4.2%

Obviously, there must be more going on in the South East but proving that it is 'unbalanced' is not so easy to do.

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