New logo?

  1minute 13:19 15 Sep 2006

Not sure if this is allowed? FE delete if needed
So what do people think of this new logo?click here

  DieSse 13:32 15 Sep 2006

I actually quite like it.

  vinnyT 13:36 15 Sep 2006

Looks a little immature, but ok. they prob paid ££££s for it, when my kid could have done for nothing (though I don't think she does finger painting anymore, she's 24;-).

  €dstowe 13:36 15 Sep 2006

I would be ashamed if one of my designers had produced anything like that and I wouldn't have let it out of the building.

Having said that, though, these things have to be approved by "those that matter" in the company (or party) so it is more a reflection on them than the £40,000 better off designers.

  [email protected] 13:49 15 Sep 2006

I think it looks Okay. It gives the impression that they are an eco-friendly party

  martjc 15:07 15 Sep 2006

Well, if they were a 'people friendly party', maybe I'd vote for 'em.

But that's a lot to hope for!!!

  silverous 15:18 15 Sep 2006

I think it places the focus too much on "green" and could potentially make them look like a single issue party.

  wolfie3000 18:04 15 Sep 2006

Oh dear!!!

  lisa02 18:06 15 Sep 2006

They paid forty grand for work achieved by a 99p pack of crayons.

  silverous 18:16 15 Sep 2006

It is easy to say such things about any new logo once it is done.

It is a bit like saying modern art could easily be re-created... people dump a load of rubbish around a bed and say "look I can do tracey emin".

If a kid's crayon drawing is the most appropriate logo for the conservatives (and I'm not saying it looks like one) then someone had to spend time with the party on assessing what they wanted to portray, probably drawing up several alternatives, advising on colours etc.

40k seems like quite a lot for simply coming up with the logo, I'm sure if I contacted some design companies I know they would do it for less, but you don't get that kind of consultancy for a fiver.

It is like getting a dentist to look at your teeth and he says they're ok, then your 8 year old kid says "you've got nice teeth" and you say - why did I go to the dentist, my daughter can do that! You are judging the result and not the process.

  octal 18:44 15 Sep 2006

It'll be interesting to know the reasoning behind how its likely to promote the party.

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