The new layout at BBC weather website. It sucks.

  Aitchbee 20:03 03 Feb 2018

I think it's pretty awful. Why can't their web designers stop tweaking things?

It's not easy to get any feedback from the BEEB.

  Aitchbee 19:38 26 Feb 2018

Amber Heavy Snow warnings are issued for many areas of Britain this week yet there are only Light Snow Shower ICONS. The BEEB don't seem to have any Heavy Snow Icons!

  Quickbeam 06:26 27 Feb 2018

The BBC TV forecast told me I would awake to a heavy snow fall, I thought it was just a frost rather than a dusting of snow.

Back to the BBC app, I think that the % of rain line should be an advanced choice option. Too much technical info isn't needed. A simple at a glance icon interface as it was is much easier to remember.

  flycatcher1 23:12 07 Mar 2018

During my whole working career I had to take a professional interest in the weather and I think that forecasts have not really improved . My great complaint is that the Forecasters get their timing wrong, in the old days the UK weather timings were far more accurate. I think that in the past we had many, many reporting stations with the observers recording the info on charts so accurate movement could easily be plotted. I remember the Observers enterering the info on the charts with red and black pens bound together and used in one hand. It defeated me. Much is made of the recent bad weather but I remember 1947 and the floods that followed the freeze far worse than this year and 61/62 was a brutal season as well. One Master Diversion Airfield had old jet engines fitted to the front of Fuel Bowsers operated to keep the runway clear for three months.

  morddwyd 07:38 08 Mar 2018


I can read it on my 5" smartphone but not on my 12" tablet!

  Itsraining 08:21 02 Apr 2018

This is how it should be,plain and simple.... 1">[click here

  Quickbeam 08:44 02 Apr 2018

Your link has failed.

  Quickbeam 08:46 02 Apr 2018

In the meantime I'm supposed to be having 100% rain but have wet snow that can't decide weather to settle or not.

The old app was accurate on it's two snow flakes meaning definite snow.

  onthelimit1 20:15 02 Apr 2018

One bad winter in the early seventies, I was junior pilot on a Squadron at Odiham in Hampshire. The whole pan became a thick layer of ice, so I was dispatched to man the snow blower that flycatcher referred to. All was going well, until I turned up the throttle when pointing at the sqn buildings and sent tons of ice crashing against the windows with the inevitable result. I wasn't asked to man the 'beast' again!

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