new laws needed

  User-994545 16:52 19 May 2008

this weekend another car crash.5 teenagers,3 dead ,2 injured.when will the law change to protect young drivers from themselves,when will they have a curfew,stop teenagers carrying other teenagers without adult supervision,and other measures often suggested but never implemented.

  peter99co 16:56 19 May 2008

How nanny do you want the state to be?

  spuds 17:05 19 May 2008

Perhaps if the government introduced 'P' plates to new drivers, and restricted certain things that they can and cannot do, including speed, then this might resolve a few issues.

I often wonder if the new pass certificate, states that the driver as now gained a lifetime of experience, and further tuition is not required.

  johndrew 17:07 19 May 2008

More importantly perhaps would be to protect other road users and pedestrians from idiots who attempt to drive beyond their abilities. This is not age or sex related but applies to drink/drugs when driving, the vehicle, the road conditions and the experience of the driver.

I grant you it is not uncommon for young drivers to have and cause accidents whilst showing off, but equally some drivers either drive in conditions they are either not physically able or experienced enough to cope with. This puts all others on the roads at risk from their actions.

Perhaps the law requiring anyone who gets six or more points in the first two years of holding a full licence to re-take their test needs a little expanding to cause others to think twice.

Those who hold full driving licences are supposed to be mature and adult. There should be no need to `nanny` them, but there needs to be an adequate penalty to curb stupidity.

  spuds 17:07 19 May 2008

Whoops--'P' plates, should have stated 'R' plates (Restricted).

  Quickbeam 17:08 19 May 2008

The only real solution is if insurance companies insist on live vehicle tracking of vehicle speed and time of day. If they then saw how much they could save by the restrictions imposed that would make them think. And the uninsured... where's Judge Dredd?

  spuds 17:11 19 May 2008

I could be wrong, but I thought the law already covered the six points within two years of a new licence.A retest was automatic.

  jack 17:20 19 May 2008

Young people doing things that common sense says they should not
Under the influence[therefore full of bravado]
Taking vehicles whilst un/dis qualified /with out permission/excessive speed- the list goes on and onnothing will stop young people and also not so young people doing crass things.

  Forum Editor 17:22 19 May 2008

That's the last thing we need, and we certainly don't want a law that stops teenagers from having other teenagers as passengers - this is a free country, not a police state.

I'm all in favour of measures to increase punishments for reckless driving etc., and to improve driving standards via the instruction and testing systems, but legislation to "protect young drivers from themselves" isn't the way to handle the situation at all.

  Noels 17:31 19 May 2008

Thats what my driving instructor used to say to me.
Take a pride in your signaling. Take a pride in your gear changing. Take a pride in the way you treat other road users.
I think no driver takes a pride in anything these days?
Someone said the other day that in schools they should tuck their shirts in, should wear polished shoes and clean clothes.
That was just the teachers.
If the leaders of our society can't be professional what hope is there for young learners.
My wife says I'm a grumpy old man? perhaps she is right.

  peter99co 18:09 19 May 2008

I think that some young people are so arrogant in their belief they know better. They have no will
to hear good advice as it does not include them.
Long life is not important, living it is. Recklessness is not understood and not doing something involving risk is looked on as a weakness. This is why some jump off cliffs and expect others to come to their aid when things go wrong.

It is very sad when so many are killed and injured and is usually caused by showing off or having a laugh. Some will never learn, they never grow old enough to.

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