NEW LAPTOP GOOD SPEC , and unavailable.

  Ventad 20:49 21 Dec 2015

Looked for a new laptop and found what we wanted in a computer retail outlet after looking on the internet etc . Sales girl did her best but only display model in store, could not sell that as Company had not put display models up for discount sales. She tried phoning an outlet 30 mins away where they apparently had 2 in stock and one on display, she said sorry but here is the number of the computer if you want to try to get one. OK so far.

Got to other outlet could not find one on display see three male computer sales people yakking together went over to them and asked for one of the said laptops giving them the number, much mumbled discussion went on and one said to another "you had better go and get one" he came back with a box and said the girl should have phoned as this has not been set up! That's alright I said I can do that (I'm an oldy at 73) nought to it I said, "but the recovery has not been set up" I said I will do it.

I will put a recovery partition on the drive, Oh that has already been done Sir, so I said no problem then is there then , "But the password will have to be set along with email and everything else" no problem I said. " but there is an extra cost with the 64 gb USB Stick with a recovery put on it to pay for. As our technicians have installed on it it has to be paid for that's OK I said for a further discount seeing that it has not apparently been set up.

Finally paid for and works great, I wonder which of the three did not get an end of line employee discounted laptop for Xmas, seeing that none of the three laptops were on display and obviously not up for sale, and he kept harping on that the girl should not have sent us over?

  wee eddie 22:05 21 Dec 2015

Many retailers, both Online and High Street, put up products that are enticing, to get you in the buying mood. However, they often only have a few, available and are hoping that when you can't get the one you intended, you decide to buy an alternative rather than leave without.

  spuds 14:59 22 Dec 2015

There are a number of retailer's who I automatically check for stock items, before even considering making a journey. Even then, there is not a 100% guarantee that the item will be available on arrival. This even applies to delivered goods, and a recent sale through Argos proved this. Three item supposedly in stock for next day delivery, only one item arrived. Took furthers days for the other two items to turn up.

A word of warning, might be in order. I once purchased A Medion monitor from Staples, and registering the 3 year warranty with Medion, I thought everything was fine. That was until 3 days later, I had communications from Medion that the warranty was void, because the item had been a 'display model' on Staples shelf, and as such was "second-user" or now second hand, in Medion's mind.

Sometimes on display items, you maybe offered a discount on the original purchase price. So take into account what I have mentioned above.

Quite a long story, but in the end, Staples took over the three year warranty, with the promise that if anything went wrong, they would replace from stock.

  bumpkin 15:15 22 Dec 2015

They are sales people and can only tell lies, same as politicians it is a crucial part of their training.

  Forum Editor 15:18 22 Dec 2015


What rubbish you talk sometimes.

  bumpkin 15:49 22 Dec 2015

What rubbish you talk sometimes.

Do you not think that there is an element of truth in my rubbish:-))

  Quickbeam 07:02 24 Dec 2015

Just to be pedantic, the rubbish in question is written rubbish, not spoken rubbish...

  onthelimit1 08:54 24 Dec 2015

I don't think trainee sales staff are taught to lie. What they are taught is to use no end of techniques to try to persuade the customer to purchase expensive options. I bought a new Polo a couple of months ago - the 'extras' would have totalled over 1200 quid extra!

  wee eddie 08:55 24 Dec 2015

There certainly are Sales folk who will say almost anything to achieve a sale. Whether that includes lies I am not qualified to say.

  wee eddie 09:00 24 Dec 2015

In a certain PC Store I have overheard conversations that strayed well away from the absolute truth. As I only visit very occasionally I can only assume that these conversations happen quite frequently

  Ventad 09:55 24 Dec 2015

In my case I saw it as they didn't want to sell the laptop to me as I believe in my opinion that the three salesmen had got them set up and put them aside for themselves. If the girl in the first shop had been able to get through on the phone they would probably told her none available after all an i7 with 12GB Ram, 2TB HDD for under £500 was not to be sneezed at, it was just the way they went into a huddle and then one said "you had better go and get one". on the Company computer one was supposed to be on show and two in stock!

Once he got it he must have thought he is old I can flannel him over so he goes away.

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