NEW Laptop for £258.53p*

  LastChip 11:49 22 Dec 2004

click here

* Exchange rate at 0.51913

If I were you, I'd bombard ASDA to find out when we can have them in the UK!

  Peverelli 12:08 22 Dec 2004

Unfortunately the official conversion rate is ignored when these things get to be available in the UK (legal mp3 downloads for example?). The $498 price for this laptop will probably convert to £498 in the UK :-(

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:13 22 Dec 2004

Linux operating system..........:-((((


  spuds 19:57 22 Dec 2004

The two Asda stores local to me, made an attempt at selling computers. I think it lasted for about a couple of months, never seen any since. But they still sell the occassional printer, plus a small selection of other computer related items. If it did get here, then you may find that it as doubled in price.

  Taran 20:15 22 Dec 2004

Tiny sell some unbelievably inexpensive laptops (£399) but unless you want to use Linux, which is preinstalled, and unless you are happy with alternative processor technology (Via C3 CPU) then you're stuck.

I saw a superb notebook DIY solution a couple of weeks ago on a business trip to the States. You could buy the chassis prebuilt with screen, mainboard and whatnot already fitted - you just choose the platform you want to go with (Intel, AMD, desktop processor, Centrino and so on). You choose your processor, memory, hard disk and removable drive options and take the whole lot away to assemble yourself.

I bought a full kit for a friend over there, assembled it in just over an hour or so and we had it running Windows XP Pro the same afternoon. All of this at a fraction of the cost to buy the same or similar specification from any of the mainstream manufacturers.

Go figure.

  LastChip 22:07 22 Dec 2004

What do you expect, Windows XP Pro at this price?

There's nothing to stop you loading an alternative system once you have the machine.

Realistically, the price is not much more for the whole package, than a 14" LCD screen!

Taran's solution looks good, but never the less, still costs about £140 more. For many that may be a £140 well spent, BUT, the fact remains that in my view, this is still an exceptionally good price.

  Belatucadrus 22:33 22 Dec 2004

Another factor to add in is Gordon Brown who will gleefully add another 17.5% in VAT.

  catmaidmarion 12:35 27 Dec 2004

Customs & Excise do add VAT, but remember that the price in the USA will have sales tax added at the till - anything up to 15% depending on the State.

  LastChip 13:14 27 Dec 2004

You shouldn't get too wound up about taxes.

If ASDA ever has these on offer in the UK, you will not pay USA sales tax and VAT, only VAT. So total price at the current rate would be; £303.77p

Is that so bad? Still significantly less than any comparable product available currently in the UK.

  Forum Editor 13:55 27 Dec 2004

If these machines are imported from America there'll be import duty to add, as well as VAT. The EU is currently in dispute with America on many import duty matters and in March of this year we began imposing additional duties on a wide range of US products - one of which is electronic items (computers included).

The duty rate increases at 1% a month until in March 2005 it reaches a total of 17%. That means that 17% would be added to the American purchase price and then VAT at 17.5% would be added to the total. That would bring the cost of the laptop to £357 (roughly, and if you add the cost of WinXP home edition £(159) you're up to £516:00. You can buy a similarly specified laptop with an Athlon mobile processor and Windows XP from for £17 less than that.

  LastChip 17:21 27 Dec 2004

would not cost £159 for an OEM edition and therefore, presumably ASDA could if they so wished offer an alternative to Linux. It's all hypothetical anyway, as it seems ASDA have no intention at the present time to offer this machine in the UK market.

click here and pay £59.01 inc VAT for XP, but I have to admit to not realising the implications of import duty in addition to VAT.

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