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  Crosstrainer2 07:40 13 Jul 2011

Well, as I have now restored my router to a virtually default state, got rid of junk that was hogging bandwidth, I thought I would sit back and have a look at the O/S I will be using from Thursday:

Apple Lion Demo

But my bandwidth is frustratingly slow.....I have concluded that after years of refusing to let people drill holes in my home, attempt to sell me TV packages I don't want etc. I am going to have to find a new high speed ISP

I have only 2 options that I am aware of in my area. Virgin or BT.

I don't like either of them, but copper wire is just not going to work for me anymore.

I need to:

1) Keep my existing phone number and email address, without false promises.

2) A 20mb connection minimum

3) No TV packages or hard sell time-wasting pitches from overzealous sales people.

Any Ideas?

  morddwyd 07:43 13 Jul 2011

If I had Virgin in my area I would not hesitate in transferring all possible services to them.

  Crosstrainer2 07:49 13 Jul 2011


Here in Wales, they have always been the same....They come, drill huge unsightly holes in your walls which they attempt to fill with silicone sealant, and leave.

It has been this way since the NTL days, and has never changed.

Musicians are not tecchies either (well I am, but most are not) so avoiding a change of email addresses, or some form of forwarding option is needed. Virgin provide neither.

I just checked BT bandwidth here, and its a no go too, Copper wire only.

The price you pay for living in the sticks I guess

  Crosstrainer2 08:08 13 Jul 2011

It's Virgin or nothing. My uploads are dealt with by a friend who has a super-fast connection (Also Virgin) and lives with the holes in his house!

I guess I may as well tick this resolved now as uswitch have confirmed my fears.

I will have to think about it. Changing phone numbers, email addresses etc. is a hassle I can do without whilst I get to grips with my new imac.....Then, well, I guess I will have to change.

Anyone want to buy a nice home by the Taff?


  john 52 08:48 13 Jul 2011

I suggest you check what is available on your exchange at sam knows

link text

  wiz-king 08:49 13 Jul 2011

I have a Virgin cable just for broadband - beautiful - and copper wire for telephone (BT) and Sky internet. I know having 2 ISPs is an extra cost but they wont both go down at the same time - cross fingers!

  john 52 08:56 13 Jul 2011

Also have a check on this site to see if your exchange is going to be 21CN WBC enabled soon which I think would give your line ADSL2 status but does depend on distance from the exchange and line condition to the speeds achieved

link text

  birdface 09:46 13 Jul 2011


You can take your phone number with you if you transfer to Virginmedia.

They are doing some good deals at the moment for new customers with 6 months half price etc.

They have the price set up so that it will cost you the same or almost whether you take the freeview TV package or not.

You usually get free weekend calls as part of the package but be warned using your phone at other times can be quite expensive and you are usually cheaper using your mobile instead.

You can get it with just the broadband but once again it is almost the same price with the Phone package included.

Everything seams to be geared around the phone package.

I have used virgin for about 6 years and have no complaints.I hate the foreign call centers but as you rarely have to phone them it doesn't really matter that much.

  Crosstrainer2 10:18 13 Jul 2011

Thanks buteman, I seem to be getting conflicting info. from Virgin, they say I cant take my phone number with me, and offer no broadband only option.

They also can't help with email re-direction :(( I am going to have to think about it, but fiddling with my router's qos settings is not going to help!!!

I am reluctant to go to a company I have no faith in, but despite all the information posted by john 52, they are my only option apart from what I have now.

I guess that is the problem, they know this, so you take what's offered or get nothing....."Sorry sir, that option is not available in your area" Is what I got yesterday.

Like I said, the price I pay for living where I do :))

  Crosstrainer2 10:34 13 Jul 2011

AND I just bought a brand new ADSL router modem. I would have to fork out for the cable version if I go with Virgin as the kit they supply is no good for me........... ce la vie :))

.....grumbles "getting old jeff" under breathe!

  birdface 10:59 13 Jul 2011

You get a new router if you go with virgin and I understand the new ones are very good.

As far as I new you could take your phone number with you whichever ISP you used.

With or without a virgin phone line.

Like I said you will find the prices do not differ that much with or without the phone line.

now found this about taking your phone number.

You can normally keep your phone number when you move home, so long as you’re staying in the same local area.

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