The new General Data Protection Regulations

  Forum Editor 09:51 15 Feb 2018

come into force in May of this year, and all organisations which handle our personal data will have to demonstrate that they are trustworthy and responsible in their data handling, and that they derive added value from the data they hold.

The new regulations are designed to afford all of us a greater degree of assurance that our data is being held and processed responsibly, and that there are valid reasons for requesting it in the first place.

Did you know that changes were taking place, and if you did, are you aware of what those changes are?

  Cymro. 11:06 15 Feb 2018

Did you know that changes were taking place, and if you did, are you aware of what those changes are?

I had heard something about this but to be honest I am rather a "bury my head in the sand" sort of person. I am rather too apt to take the attitude that there is very little for me personally to worry about. Yes, yes I know that is potentially a dangerous way of seeing things. The biggest danger it seems to me is that someone would get access to my bank details. Granted that would lead to at a lot of hassle but I assume or should I say hope against hope that the bank would eventually take the loss rather than me personally. Yes rather daft of me I know but that's the way I am with some things. It's if they ever got hold of the wife's bank details that I would start to worry

  caccy 17:15 15 Feb 2018

My understanding is that it only affects you when you signup for a new service.

  Aitchbee 19:11 15 Feb 2018

I haven't heard anything about it. So what's new.

  QuizMan 22:51 15 Feb 2018

I am membership secretary for one of the top athletics clubs in the country with a membership of nearly 900. All our membership records are maintained on-line and accessible by those with the appropriate login and security clearance (important when dealing with under 16 data). Yes, I know of GDPR and frankly it fills me with dread. I realise we have to do something, but in a sport that is run by unpaid volunteers at local level, very few have the time or skill to implement it effectively. England Athletics has provided some material to help us along, but it goes nowhere near far enough and they want us to implement it by 1st April, nearly two months ahead of the official start date, as that co-insides with the start of their administrative year.

I fear we are not going to be anywhere near ready in time.

  AroundAgain 00:31 16 Feb 2018

I am a volunteer of our local branch of a well-known charity and I undertake 'admin' and 'membership secretary' - approx 130 Members. I've been 'tasked' to study the directives that Head Office have sent us which have laid out what wording must be used at the bottom of every communication, an unsubscribe method, appropriate to the method used to send the communication etc.

All the forms that our volunteers have to fill in are having to be changed to meet this requirement, of course.

Some of the (legal) requirements are going to be too much for many of our volunteers to cope with so I fear we will end up losing many volunteers, who are vital to be able to continue with what we do

All this legislation seems to becoming totally impractical, to say nothing of expense. I'm not sure how it can all be enforced, either.

Fortunately, we've got until 25 May, although Head Office want all this in place well before that. I can understand how you must be feeling, QuizMan, although perhaps to a lesser extent.

  oresome 10:40 16 Feb 2018

Let me say straight away I know nothing about these regulations, but being ignorant on a subject has never stopped me commenting.

Reading posts from the previous contributors it strikes me that for small organisations it would be better to engage a third party specialist service provider who can arrange save storage of data, control access to it and keep abreast of legislation appertaining to it and advise on what can and can't be done.

  HondaMan 10:49 16 Feb 2018

As this originates in the EU and as we are leaving, why on earth are we bothering with it?

  simonjary 11:25 16 Feb 2018

It doesn't matter if the UK is in the EU or not. Indeed it affects organisations in all countries if they hold personally identifiable data on any EU citizen. GDPR is all about documenting how organizations hold such data. More intrusive is the forthcoming ePrivacy law that will affect cookies and might require a definite opt-in for each cookie dropped, which would basically break the Internet.

  Forum Editor 14:56 16 Feb 2018

AroundAgain and QuizMan

If you are in any doubt about how the new regulations will affect charities and small organisations, you can call a special advice line set up by the Information Commissioner's Office. You'll get expert and helpful advice, but be warned - as the date approaches they will be be very busy.

Call them on 0303 123 1113 and select option 4

I am helping several organisations with their preparation, and I may be able to help you if you are uncertain about anything. Just post a query here, and I'll see what I can do.

  Quickbeam 15:27 16 Feb 2018

"As this originates in the EU and as we are leaving, why on earth are we bothering with it?"

You surely don't believe that after Brexit we'll be free from adopting EU directives!

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