New game Silkroad online

  wolfie3000 18:35 06 Mar 2006

This game was e-mailed to me a few minutes ago from a freind he has played it and says its one of the best online games ever.

I will be downloading and playing it tonight and will post back on what the game is like.

My mate is never wrong on great games so we will see.

click here

  Forum Editor 19:19 06 Mar 2006

to open up a games forum again, aren't you?

  wolfie3000 19:28 06 Mar 2006

Well FE i would like a games forum on here but i wasnt around when the first one was on here.

But as games make up alot of my internet activities yes it would be fantastic for the forum to have a games section.

  wolfie3000 19:31 06 Mar 2006

FE thinking about it you could trial a games section in the forums what is there to lose?

  Kate B 00:27 07 Mar 2006

I'd love a games forum ...

  Haol 08:59 07 Mar 2006

I wouldn't mind one :)

  surfmonkey #:@} 11:50 07 Mar 2006

what a fantastic idea a games forum brill when will it open

  Starfox 12:30 07 Mar 2006

Yes please :o) :o) :o)

  wolfie3000 13:50 07 Mar 2006

Well the games forum would be good but the original topic was the game has any one played it?

If so what did you think?

Iv given the game a bash and liked it, it takes time to get to grips with but if you like fantasy rpg games i reccomend it.

  Starfox 15:57 07 Mar 2006

It's very good indeed,well worth the effort.

Thanks wolfie.

  IClaudio 16:02 07 Mar 2006

Thanks for the link, Wolfie downloading all 503MB of it now S)

Now, a Games Forum would be a great idea, FE :) 5 minutes of digital mayhem between all the hard work is GOOD FOR THE SOUL....

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