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  Sapins 08:43 19 Sep 2004

As support from Microsoft for 98SE has now stopped and Service Pack 2 for XP is now, mostly, safely installed, would it be a good idea to replace the Windows XP SP2 forum with one specifically for 98SE?

  Forum Editor 09:24 19 Sep 2004

that WinXP SP2 is "mostly, safely installed" - far from it. Our current poll shows that almost a quarter of the people who have responded are going to wait for a while, and if you add the number of people who have tried and had to uninstall the Service pack you have a third of all respondents who would probably like to update but haven't. I think we'll keep the dedicated forum running for a while yet, it's pretty busy there.

As for Windows 98SE - we can deal with any problems in the normal way, via the Helproom. We don't see too many of them now, and I think the numbers will rapidly fall, not only because people will be upgrading, but because most of the computers that had Win98SE installed are approaching the end of their life-cycle by now. These machines will be replaced with new, WinXP machines, or upgraded with new components and the newer O/S. Obviously there are going to be people who don't upgrade for one reason or another, but they'll increasingly find themselves in a minority as time goes by, and as I said, we can resolve their problems in the Helproom.

  Sapins 10:38 19 Sep 2004

Point/s taken.

  Al94 19:22 19 Sep 2004

At this point in time according to the poll, out of 2526 who voted, approx 757 dont feel confident in trying to install SP2 or are put off by the scaremongering that is going on. 1769 have tried and 1399 report no problems or minor ones they have fixed which is somewhere in the region of 79% of those who have installed therefore I do agree that "mostly safely installed" is a reasonable comment.

The forum is however a great idea for the unfortunate and still reasonably sizeable percentage who are having problems. It will be interesting to see a summary in due course of the main reasons for these problems, I think many will be down to a lack of understanding of security features or improper installation procedures but I may be wrong.

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