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New find on Covid by US doctors.

  x13 06:36 24 Apr 2020

Docs in US are finding that Covid not only attacks the respiratory system but it also 'thickens' the blood. The more they find out about this nasty bug the better. click here

  BT 08:38 24 Apr 2020

Mr Trump has his own solution. Words fail me

Donald has the answer

  wee eddie 09:07 24 Apr 2020

It is sad. One of the greatest Nations on earth elected a lunatic as it's President.

  Forum Editor 09:50 24 Apr 2020

It is difficult to understand how someone can get to be the world's most powerful man and yet be so ignorant as to ask a senior member of his administration - a doctor - to test whether a viral infection could be cured by injecting a patient with disinfectants.

Having (yet again) made a complete fool of himself at a White House Press briefing he rounded off the farce by pointing at his head and saying "I'm not a doctor. But I'm, like, a person that has a good you-know-what." How the assembled journalists stopped themselves from laughing out loud is a mystery.

  Govan1x 09:54 24 Apr 2020

I don't think the Uk made a great choice either. Take your pick Boris or Trump. In our case we never had a good choice, Boris or Corbyn.

I think Boris was the obvious choice as he would be the only one that could make a decision quickly.

He was thrown in at the deep end with this virus and to be fair it would have been hard for any prime minister to choose the best way forward under the circumstances.

I think most of us will agree that Boris was slow off the mark to contain the Virus, but probably had nothing in recent history help him make quick decisions.

By the time he had consulted all the top brains to decide a way forward he was already to late to contain it.

Does anyone think Corbyn would have been any quicker of the mark.

I would class Boris much the same as Trump but we have to wait and see how Boris gets on in the years to come. He could turn out to be a good PM. If not the back stabbers will be out again to have him removed.

  alanrwood 09:56 24 Apr 2020

This man is dangerous.

  Forum Editor 09:57 24 Apr 2020

"....I would class Boris much the same as Trump"

As someone famously said, you cannot be serious.

  Al94 10:43 24 Apr 2020

wish we had an edit function image

  john bunyan 12:43 24 Apr 2020

The article linked is interesting: the Government say they follow the scientific advice but do not publish it nor disclose the names on the SAGE group. Remember how it seems that Alistair Campbell is said to have influenced MI6’s reports on weapons of mass destruction prior to the Iraq war. I just hope that his modern day equivalent- Cummings- has had no influence on SAGE.

New York Times

  john bunyan 13:11 24 Apr 2020

Also, the US Presidential system means that the President appoints his “cabinet” from relatives, cronys, business or Generals and often ignores advice from his advisers such as CIA , health experts etc. The only way the House and Senate ( elected) can really stop him is via the Supreme Court or occasionally by vote. An attempt at impeachment failed.In the UK, apart from people appointed to the cabinet via the House of Lords, the cabinet is appointed by the PM from elected politicians. They, in turn have a much greater hold over the PM’s decisions . There is a worry over the influence of appointed “special advisors” like Cummings.

Trump is obsessed with ratings and image ; as others have said his ravings and apparent ignorance are jaw dropping.

  BT 18:01 24 Apr 2020

How the assembled journalists stopped themselves from laughing out loud is a mystery.

They wouldn't dare, they'd be banned for life and probably hung, drawn and quartered if DT had his way.

Not long before I retired (was made redundant) we had an American brought over from an associate company in the US as our Boss. He had exactly the same attitude as DT and wanted to sack everyone for the slightest thing and threw his dummy out of his pram several times a day. Fortunately our Union put him in his place very quickly.

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