new drives will not be XP compatible

  Seth Haniel 13:16 09 Mar 2010

Hard drives are about to undergo one of the biggest format shifts in 30 years.

By early 2011 all hard drives will use an "advanced format" that changes how they go about saving the data people store on them.

The move to the advanced format will make it easier for hard drive makers to produce bigger drives that use less power and are more reliable.

However, it might mean problems for Windows XP users who swap an old drive for one using the changed format.
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  ronalddonald 13:21 09 Mar 2010

worry about unitl i have to by installing vista i suppose, even though i like xp

  wiz-king 13:43 09 Mar 2010

Oh ! I had better get a new drive for my creaking Win 3.1 machine then.

  Seth Haniel 13:45 09 Mar 2010

"All other things being equal you will have a noticeable hard drive reduction in performance," said Mr Burks, adding that, in some circumstances, it could make a drive 10% slower.

In a bid to limit the misalignment, hard drive makers are producing software that ensures 512 sectors line up with 4K ones.

So if you want that super fast PC - XP is not going to be fully compatible with the New Drives

  interzone55 15:26 09 Mar 2010

I'm afraid that in order to improve, sometimes technology has to move forward without having to rely on backward compatibility.

This is why Apple managed to take a quantum leap forward in functionality with OS X, because they decided to draw a line in the sand and dump some support for previous versions.

Windows would have moved faster, and been more secure, if Microsoft had been brave enough to dump DOS support earlier...

  DieSse 15:29 09 Mar 2010

"When reading data from a drive this emulation will go unnoticed. However, in some situations writing data could hit performance."

Doesn't sound like it'll be a losing sleep issue then!!

"XP is not going to be fully compatible..."

Nowhere does it say that - just a slight performance hit in some circumstances, and only when writing, not reading. That's not a compatibility issue.

  Seth Haniel 15:35 09 Mar 2010

"hard drive makers are producing software that ensures 512 sectors line up with 4K ones. "

"XP is not going to be fully compatible..." without a fix

  jack 17:37 09 Mar 2010

Add to that and the fact that when I peered into the innards of new machine recently and saw nothing but those twee[SATA connectors[looks like a USB variant to me]
It looks to be that my machine will not be able to continue its progressine improvement that it has enjoyed all these years.
It will be out with old and in with the new alround
I gues
Or will IDE still continue I wonder?

  DieSse 18:10 09 Mar 2010

"XP is not going to be fully compatible..." without a fix

Nowhere in that report does it say that.

It does say they they will introduce software to limit the performance (when writing only) issue. They will work anyway - ie will be compatible.

  DieSse 19:47 09 Mar 2010

First such drives here already - and an explanation of what it is and how it can be compensated for in XP.

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Part of a longer review article.

  Seth Haniel 20:17 09 Mar 2010

Haven't you got it!!!
I'm using fourm members trick of reading between the lines - well why not -

At least others can see that this is a shake up for XP

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