The new Dr Who series

  iqs 22:14 03 Apr 2010


Just thought I would view my opinion of the new Dr Who series,and would be interested in your opinion please.

Putting to one side the last four years with David Tennant as the Dr,my following opinion is based on the first episode.I know its a bit unfair to judge after one episode,but here go's.

To start with,the new Dr Who theme is barely recognisable,not keen on the new intro graphics either.
The story was OK, the alien creature and the space ship with the giant eye was laughable.The new TARDIS interior was very disappointing.I had been looking forward to seeing the new design/set.

Matt Smith as the Dr was very refreshing.Each Dr has their own style and quirks,his were very original.But I will leave final judgement until the end of this series.

I must say,his line instructing the chap to delete his internet history was brilliant.

Overall I was a little disappointed,it didn't live up to the hype,but lets hope the remaining 12 episodes define this series.

Thank you

  iqs 22:14 03 Apr 2010

sorry wrong section,can the forum editor please move ,thanks

  ronalddonald 22:27 03 Apr 2010

which forum did you want it on speakers corner

  Forum Editor 02:21 04 Apr 2010

from Consumerwatch.

  Quickbeam 08:01 04 Apr 2010

Don't Timelord's gadgets qualify for consumer watch?

  WhiteTruckMan 09:17 04 Apr 2010

I like the new girl!


BTW, one of the definitions of a really best mate is someone who deletes your browser history after you are dead :)

  Forum Editor 09:22 04 Apr 2010

Her name is Karen Gillan. She's 21, Scottish, and is set to become famous as a result of getting the part.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:00 04 Apr 2010

Could it be that you like the new girl too, being so quick with the details to hand?


  Cymro. 10:30 04 Apr 2010

I think the BBC need to make up their minds who they are aiming this series for. The once who are really in to Science Fiction will enjoy it well enough. But I think that some of the younger children will have a job to understand some of last nights episode. A young nephew of ours a 7 year old was watching it at ours last night and I had to spend a good part of the episode explaining to him what it was all about.

As an old fan of the Dr's. from the very first episode I think the new series have been very good and managed to bring it right up to date to rival things such as Star Wars.

  egapup 10:32 04 Apr 2010

"I like the new girl!"
A bit too thin.

  Forum Editor 11:27 04 Apr 2010

She's good - I saw her in an episode of Rebus.

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