New Dog Controls

  Quickbeam 08:55 09 Mar 2010

click here What do you think, is it necessary?

For me it's no problem to keep dogs insured as I already do for veterinary costs. The third party element is something that's included, and I've always seen it as an unneeded freebie... Spaniels will wag there tail to the death before savaging you.

In some respects the cost, which is what most people will cry about, can't be a lot different in real terms as the original Victorian 7'/6d licence, scrapped in 1987, but still costing the same modern value, 37p, which cost more to sell than it was worth.

  egapup 09:13 09 Mar 2010

Here we go, the minority idiots spoiling it for everyone else. This is going to worry a lot of elderly who keep a small dog for company......leave us alone!!!

  exdragon 09:29 09 Mar 2010

Just out of interested, how on earth will it be monitored? For example, motorists can drive without tax, insurance, MOTs, watch DVDs and use their phones whilst driving - obviously not all motorists, before somone says, 'I don't'! There aren't enough 'officials' to put a halt to that, are there?

  Woolwell 09:44 09 Mar 2010

I agree with all dogs and cats having a microchip and for owners to have third party insurance (this may be part of insurance (home or pet) that they already have. How will it be enforced I don't know. Lampposts able to read microchips?!

I'm a dog lover but I do think that there are far too many dogs around especially in cities without the facilities to properly exercise them. Don't get me started on the ridiculous prices for pedigree dogs and inter-breeding.

  sunnystaines 09:55 09 Mar 2010

we have recently been talking about dogs at home, when i was a boy people kept pet dogs in a kennel in the garden or shed, now they seem to be kept in peoples house some even allow them to go into their bedrooms.

I always had the opinion dogs were kept outside for hygenie reasons and the risk of parasites.

what's your opinion,

as for dog danger its how you control then treating them like dogs and not little children i think that causes problems I think. [might add never had a dog only ever looked after them, so keen for your views]

  sunnystaines 10:00 09 Mar 2010

would dogs not be covered under the liability part of home insurance anyway?

I feel dogs in public places should be on a lead. Each spring along the river here loads of cygnets and duckings are killed or injured by peoples dogs that are running loose and not on a lead.

  Quickbeam 10:04 09 Mar 2010

A house dog is much more likely to be family friendly, as it knows it's place within the family (pack). A junk yard dog sees it's territory as it's own, and will guard it jealously with great aggression.

So, for those reasons a family dog should be part of the family. But there are some breeds that are too near to the wild pack in the gene pool to be allowed that privilege.

  Joseph Kerr 10:37 09 Mar 2010

It is very simple you round up all dogs which might be even vaguely dangerous and kill them asap. Sorry, my usual serene nature (ahem) goes out teh window where dogs are concerned. Nasty filthy potentially violent (all of them) creatures.

And teh penalty for ignoring the measure should it becoem law, should be the swift termination of your mutt.

  sunnystaines 10:39 09 Mar 2010

good point, thanks

  Joseph Kerr 10:40 09 Mar 2010

to say stinky.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:03 09 Mar 2010

'A house dog is much more likely to be family friendly, as it knows it's place within the family (pack)'..that is simply not the case. Virtually every attack has been from a dog that was a 'loving family dog'.


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