New Digital Electricity Meter Vs Old Mech Meter

  sicknote 23:58 07 Jul 2004

6 months back the electricity meter reader noticed that my white meter for cheaper electricity between midnight & 6.00am (mechanical clock) had stopped working. So this was replaced with a new digital white meter no problem there, until I received my electricity Bill this seemed to be higher than normal, I compared this with other bills and noticed the cheaper white meter bill was higher. For a few nights I checked the meter after midnight to see it had changed over to the cheaper rate but it never did, Found out that meter is changed over at midnight by a type of RDS radio signal, only problem there was that my meter is in a dead spot for that radio signal so it was never going to change. Meter now back as a mechanical clock and it can been seen working.
My point about this apart from sitting there till midnight watching the meter how else would i have known the meter had changed over and who would know if the electricity company did not send the signal or short changed you on the hours the signal is sent.

  Forum Editor 01:12 08 Jul 2004

and this is a case in point.

Many people will find that when new meters are installed in their homes a telephone line is connected to the meter. This is because in the future there will not be any human meter readers, it will all be done automatically, down the phone line. A computer will read your meter remotely, will print the bill, and post it to you - all without any human intervention.

What fun that's going to be.

  PA28 20:44 13 Jul 2004

BT's got the answer. They connect the meter to THEIR end of the telephone line, so you never see it. Anyone challenged their phone bill lately - particularly all the little 5p +VAT minimum charge that you get caught for. Cynical, me, never!

  ayrmail 21:09 13 Jul 2004

Already the case as all electricity companys tout for accounts in different parts of the country and don't want to pay the fee charged by accuread and others alike.
When my employer changed to a new supplier and digital meters where fitted (this replaced 2 mechanical ones)around 10 different readings where written down instead of 2 must be progress?

  oresome 20:21 22 Jul 2004

Meter readers? A rare breed indeed. The utility companies seem to have cut costs by only reading the meter once a blue moon. Fair enough if your consumption is pretty predictable and the savings get passed on.

However my direct debit gets increased every year at a rate way above inflation and usually on the basis of their estimate of my consumption.

The latest letter even apologises for the fact they were 'unable' to read the meter to get a true figure. As the meter is on the outside wall, I can only assume they were unwilling to send someone to read it.

  oresome 20:33 22 Jul 2004

We have the old electro-mechanical white meter. I assume the meter has some storage device to maintain the clock time if and when the electricity supply fails. Following an extended supply failure, I note that the clock is now showing the incorrect time, even allowing for summer time. Perhaps the digital meter will fair better under these circumstances.

  sicknote 21:44 22 Jul 2004

I maybe wrong on this but i believe they only have to read your meter once a year,So if you overpay per month that's money in their bank earning interest.My problem with the first meter was there was no clock on it it was just a switching unit with an orange light,atleast with a clock you can see the time that unit should switch over to cheaper electric

  britto 21:50 22 Jul 2004

some scallywags are moaning you cannot drill the digi ones.

  sicknote 21:55 22 Jul 2004

There's no pleasing people these days !!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:38 23 Jul 2004

How can an electic meter be mechanical???

  sicknote 22:48 23 Jul 2004

It's a a type of electric meter
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