New designs for future ambulances

  peter99co 13:25 07 Apr 2009

Emergency transport of the future may have ejector seats to launch paramedics quickly into the thick of the action. Any volunteers for this?

click here

  Grey Goo 13:39 07 Apr 2009

What's needed are Paramedics who will pick people up and not leave them lying around whilst quoting Health and Safety conditions.

  canarieslover 13:46 07 Apr 2009

I don't think it is the Paramedics so much as their employers who are scared of litigation resulting from any injury caused by lifting. A bit like the Firemen being banned from using stepladders. When will we reach the situation where H & S will deem it too dangerous to get out of bed in the morning?

  peter99co 13:48 07 Apr 2009

They need immunity from prosecution if things go badly. Lots of First Aiders have the same problem and have given up treating injuries as a result. Schools will not even put a plaster on a cut child. I had to leave work and go to school to use a plaster from my car first aid on a child, because they were not allowed to.

  peter99co 13:57 07 Apr 2009

I think H&S trained people have to go around saying "What If" and this is is why they always see danger in all treatments or situations.

Common sense is not always factored in so it will always be a problem. If the 5000 emergency workers in the Italian disaster applied some of the H&S rules nobody would be saved from the wreckage.

  peter99co 19:46 07 Apr 2009

Thank you for the Link. I have emailed it to the school in question!

  laurie53 19:48 07 Apr 2009

"I think H&S trained people have to go around saying "What If""

Of course they do; that is what risk assessment is all about.

What if that light fitting fell on somebody's head (it did, twice, in my bailiwick)?

Is the risk acceptable? Of course it is. The financial penalty of fitting safety chains far outweighs the risk and its potential to cause injury, even though such an event has happened in the past and will happen again in the future.

What if your brake hose bursts? Serious consequences, but acceptable risk.

What if that brake hose, which I know to be perished, burst? Same consequences but unacceptable risk.

Despite many H & S "experts" attempts to convince people otherwise, risk assessment is not rocket science, as anyone who has ever dipped an elbow in baby's bathwater can testify.

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