New cyber ransomware attack today..........

  Gordon Freeman 15:36 27 Jun 2017

Many organisations affected by another cyber ransomware attack today, including the one I'm at. Pandemonium... (Can't post link but it's on BBC technology page).

  wee eddie 15:38 27 Jun 2017

So, be careful folks

  Teabag. 15:46 27 Jun 2017
  Teabag. 15:48 27 Jun 2017

It would appear that the link has been hit by a cyber attack. LOL

  Teabag. 15:50 27 Jun 2017
  bumpkin 20:01 27 Jun 2017

If they are hitting big organizations why ask for so little?

  john bunyan 11:29 28 Jun 2017

See thread on HMS Queen Elizabeth; hope they patched their Windows XP!

  Belatucadrus 18:12 28 Jun 2017

Seems that the vector for distribution was the update system on MEDoc a legitimate Ukrainian tax filing program that got hijacked and exploited loopholes that should have been patched when Microsoft issued the relevant updates some months ago.

It should be noted that MEDoc deny this.

  Gordon Freeman 19:07 28 Jun 2017

I think one of the most worrying things was how quickly it happened, then spread, together with the utter paralysis it has caused. I know this is what these malware attacks do (we all read about it when it hit the NHS earlier this month), but when you see it happen in real time, it's pretty gobsmacking, & a little unnerving. It was one of those things which happen to 'others' & which you read about.

  Forum Editor 23:02 28 Jun 2017

"...a little unnerving"

And it will continue to happen. The internet could have been tailor-made for criminals.

  Loubader 10:09 20 Oct 2017

You have described the well-known solutions. In my opinion, the best defense is common sense!

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