NEW Car insurance rules Starts!

  Autoschediastic 12:34 20 Jun 2011

Maybe a good idea it seems unfair that some would drive around without any Insurance and yet it still amazes me that the police issue someone who hasnt got any with a £250 fine and 3 points? is there any wonder some drive without the insurance..? its a no brainer for some..

£250 Vs £1100 car insurance .....


  interzone55 12:54 20 Jun 2011

£250 Vs £1100 car insurance .....

More like £250 + 3 points + impounding the car v £1100 car insurance

  spuds 13:03 20 Jun 2011

Reading the link and the representative of the Association of British Insurers apparent comment " that offenders who are caught under the new law will not only get a criminal record, but also have to pay more for their insurance in the future".

Surely some of these uninsured drivers may well already have criminal records and have been unable to find insurance (by choice or otherwise), hence their activity of being on the road with a vehicle that should not be there. This new law will not make the slightest difference to these people, or will it?.

  bremner 13:08 20 Jun 2011

The fixed panalty for no insrauce is £200 and six points ans as Alan14 says the car can be impounded.

  bremner 13:10 20 Jun 2011

Link didn't work Click Here

  WhiteTruckMan 19:09 20 Jun 2011

Well I think it's an all wind and trousers measure. People who drive with no insurance are usually only caught if they are involved in an accident or get caught by an ANPR camera. I seriously think that they will not hesitate to go online and declare a sorn just to stop those nasty letters arriving while still driving. It's not as if falsely declaring a sorn is going to significantly increase the chances of them being caught.


  brindly 20:01 20 Jun 2011

The authorities never seem to have the guts to go far enough. Uninsured drivers cars should be crushed or sold, no arguments. How many times in recent months have we read about a hit and run where the victim dies and usualy the driver; if caught is uninsured and if they are Immigrants they invoke the HRA article 8 to allow them to stay here, shamefull.

  STREETWORK 20:43 20 Jun 2011

I did the on-line SORN today as the vehicle is up for sale and uninsured, parked on a private driveway and the tax is up at the end of the month. The SORN date is given as 1 July and it cannot be changed to an earlier date. They have not updated the on-line SORN system to allow punters to do this. So, hopefully it will be OK.

Surly they should update the system to allow for dating the SORN if the insurance is up. I am missing something????

  Chegs ®™ 04:36 21 Jun 2011

I can see this new ruling being a disaster as I had declared my vehicle as off the road to the DVLA only to receive a fixed penalty notice.I wrote to the DVLA again declaring my vehicle was off the road and had been for months and explained that I had previously sent in the relevant forms for SORN and the first I'd known they hadn't been received was when the fixed penalty arrived,they did finally acknowledge my letters & squashed the fine but if it had been for insurance,the vehicle could've been seized & crushed long before the DVLA accepted my version of events.

  T0SH 16:48 21 Jun 2011

It makes you wonder just what is behind this move?, since it it impossible to road tax a car without a current valid insurance document in the vehicle keeper or registered owners name, which will then also be listed with MID`s database

Both the SORN and the MID`s database are accessable in traffic police vehicles

It seems very hard to see many situations where this might apply ?

Cheers HC

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