New Car for £1,277

  CatTrading 14:36 10 Jan 2008

For more click here

  Quickbeam 14:49 10 Jan 2008

I couldn't possibly go back to manual window winding & no power steering...

  Stuartli 14:55 10 Jan 2008

Wouldn't like to have an accident in one...:-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:05 10 Jan 2008

I would love to see the crash test results and even if it could be sold in the UK there would be at least 35% tax added to the price. Nice way to reduce the population of the poorer countries though.


  Totally-braindead 16:26 10 Jan 2008

Lets face it things missing like power steering and electric windows are not exactly essentials are they? Neither is air conditioning but if you lived in somewhere like India I am sure you would prefer having that rather than some of the other things missing.

I mean how on earth did we ever manage before these things were invented?

Am I correct in saying that airbags are now a legal requirement in the UK? Even if it is I'm sure they could add one without breaking the bank but I'm also sure that the big car manufacturers would do everything in their power to stop this being sold outwith India.

Reminds me of a little Fiat one of my friends used to have, 0 - 60 in about a week providing you were going downhill, with the wind behind you. Have to say though that it was fine for in the town. Wouldn't fancy taking it on a dual carriageway but in town it was fine and very easy to drive and park as well.

If it did get licenced for UK sales think of the price. And the fuel economy. Whats the next cheapest car?

  Stuartli 17:28 10 Jan 2008

Power steering can be a blessing or a curse - very few cars with power steering, apart from notable exceptions, provide the same level of road feedback as a non-power steering setup.

Re cheap cars. You can buy a secondhand, recent Ford Ka at surprisingly low prices.

As it's based on a Fiesta chassis, its handling and ride are first class.

I know which I would prefer......

  sunny staines 17:33 10 Jan 2008

had a cheap car once from new called a daewoo matrix it was sheer rubbish everything was flimsy cheap and dreadful worse than the early skodas, lasted six months then got rid of it. the company since ceased trading and they are no more. I'm back to vauxhalls. You get what you paid for in cars.

  sunny staines 17:55 10 Jan 2008

car name should read matiz

  alB 18:37 10 Jan 2008

Didn't Daewoo get bought out and are now sold under the Chevrolet badge? (not sure if they're any better or worse though) ...alB

  sunny staines 18:53 10 Jan 2008


I don't know, I would be surprised if chevolet would buy such trash. but then again vw bought skoda and sorted it out.

  Grey Goo 19:07 10 Jan 2008

Wonder if you can have any colour you like as long as it's yellow.

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