New buyer for Liverpool FC

  logoff 18:36 16 Apr 2010

I note that a new chairman has been appointed to "sell" Liverpool FC to pay off the massive debt which arose when the current (American) owners borrowed money to buy the club

Clearly, a very rich individual or consortium is needed to take over the club as per Chelsea, Man City......

Does anyone know Bill Gates's e-mail address?

Possibly [email protected]

What are the chances of a response?


  morddwyd 20:07 16 Apr 2010

As regular readers know, I have no interest in football, but it is sad, even as a non-fan, to see what has undoubtedly been a wonderful collection of talent in a particular field being reduced to a commodity to be traded at will.

I know; that's business, but it's still sad.

  logoff 20:59 16 Apr 2010


Yes indeed and thanks for the comment. There must be something not quite right about the rules for buying football clubs? This should never have come about!

All the best


  dwaynedibbly 22:36 16 Apr 2010

Benitez is sound asleep in bed one night when the phone wakes him.

"Mr Benitez this is the Merseyside Fire Brigade, I`m afraid we have some bad news. A fire has broken out in Anfield."
Rapha cries out, "For Gods sake man, the cups, save the cups."
The fire officer replies, "Its okay Mr Benitez, the fire hasn`t reached the canteen yet."

Sorry couldn`t resist it.
On a serious note though, I read today on BBC site that the club have been dumped with nearly 270 million pounds of debt by the couple of jokers who are there at the moment.

Strangely reminiscent of the ongoing Man Utd saga.
Rich American(s) buys club, then offloads a load of corporate debt onto it, then sells it.
What are the Premier League bosses doing? Shouldn`t they be protecting clubs from this sort of thing.

  logoff 22:51 16 Apr 2010


Yes, very good! Suspect you are a Man U fan but no hard feelings. Think both clubs actually are in a similar boat, although Man U are better equipped to weather the storm, in most ways.

Exactly the point about the Premier League rules etc. -can't believe this sort of thing should be allowed to happen.

  logoff 22:51 16 Apr 2010

P.S does anyone think Bill might be interested?

  dwaynedibbly 23:06 16 Apr 2010


A Man U fan?!? I think not.
A totally happy and looking forward to our return to the Premiership Newcastle fan.
Which bearing in mind my joke, leaves a lot to be desired.
But that aside, I think the whole situation is a sad state of affairs, and hopefully one which Liverpool can come out of for the better.

I don`t think Bill has dabbled in Sports team ownership, unless anyone knows otherwise?

Is the proposed fan ownership plan, perhaps the way to go.
It could produce the desired results at the club, both in terms of on the pitch results and more importantly. The long term financial stability of the club.
If it works at Liverpool then perhaps it could be the way forward for a lot of clubs.

  logoff 23:44 16 Apr 2010

apologies for the assumption! Don't think the club as such matters it is, essentially, the rules on buying, ownership eligibility and maybe, wage control of players that can stabilise the situation.

No, I don't seriously think Bill would have interest in a UK sports team but it begs the question as to who can provide the considerable sums needed.

The fans ownership idea is good but -don't see it happening quickly, or providing the amount needed. The current owners are also not likely to take what they would regard as a "low" price even if it is, in the current market, realistic, so there is still a long way to go.


  birdface 10:55 17 Apr 2010

Maybe time for the likes of Kevin Keegan and Kenny Dalglish to jump in with some sort deal.
I am sure both would be interested providing they could get the proper backing.

  bremner 11:16 17 Apr 2010

Whilst Michel Platini has some odd ideas he is really trying to bring in rules that will prevent what has happened at Liverpool and Man United together with financial setups like those at Chelsea and Man City.

Clubs will have to live within their means.

Will he be able to implement it is the big question.

  logoff 11:21 17 Apr 2010

Yes, agree with bremner and buteman. Doesn't even America somehow level the playing field (as it where!) in professional sport by some sort of annual salary cap per team. Don't know quite how it works though


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