The New Army for the Brave New World

  flycatcher1 11:25 11 Jan 2018

Kiss me Goodnight Sergeant Major Tuck in me in my little wooden bed.....?

  Forum Editor 22:50 11 Jan 2018


"It is also a great shame that the RAF Apprentice scheme was stopped it gave youngsters a chance to blossom and trained technicians who were an asset to the country in later years."

As the son of an ex Halton apprentice who ended up as a bomber command navigator I fully endorse what you say. My father looked back on his days at Halton with great affection and pride.

  Flak999 10:58 12 Jan 2018

I must admit I thought this was a joke when I first saw the new advertisement. Instead of wanting tough men who can fight and kill the enemy, the army now apparently wants a cohort of emotionally sensitive homosexual muslims! I wonder how they would have faired at Rourks Drift, or at first battle of the Somme? Indeed holding the line in the fighting retreat to Dunkirk against the SS Liebstandarte?

However the army General staff seem to have missed out a subgroup in their all inclusive attempt to emasculate our armed forces! What about the transgenders? Why are they not represented? (< sarcasm by the way)

Putin and the Russian General staff must be rolling about with laughter.Why are we even bothering any more?

Not related in any way but indicative of the general malaise affecting the country, I was in a BMW dealership in north Watford just before Christmas to pick up my new car, I wandered around a deserted showroom unable to find any staff, so I went outside and found two black men washing the vehicles, I enquired of these two employees where the sales staff all were.

They looked at me and with no sense of irony at all said " you will have to wait, they are all at the mosque as it's prayer time" I kid you not!

As the FE says the world is going slowly mad!

  Forum Editor 11:14 12 Jan 2018


Buying a German car?

Goodness me, true colours revealed. Credibility destroyed.

  Flak999 11:28 12 Jan 2018

Why have you edited my post? :-) I always buy German cars, last one was an Audi this time BMW, you know what they say, hate the singer not the song! They make cars like they conquered Europe, Very well! :-)

  Belatucadrus 11:33 12 Jan 2018

how they would have faired at Rourks Drift

Probably just as well as anybody else, didn't seem too much of a problem for the Spartans or the Janissaries and I doubt my great uncle or any of his contemporaries would have thought the Turks at Gallipoli were a walk over.

I've no problem with the armed forces being equal opportunities employers without prejudice regarding creed or sexual orientation. This Ad campaign however is just hippy liberal crud and wrong in so many ways.

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