The New Army for the Brave New World

  flycatcher1 11:25 11 Jan 2018

Kiss me Goodnight Sergeant Major Tuck in me in my little wooden bed.....?

  Gordon Freeman 11:35 11 Jan 2018

Just a random post, or is there a link?

  Cymro. 11:41 11 Jan 2018

I think it must be to do with this new recruitment drive for the army.

  Belatucadrus 11:53 11 Jan 2018

Click Here

Apparently we no longer require an effective army, we need a diverse rainbow one that represents all groups and demographics in a cuddly PC environment.

There are already dissenting voices from ex servicemen suggesting that the MODs support for squaddies with post traumatic stress is near non existent and that the caring sharing institution of the £1,600,000 ad campaign is a myth.

  wee eddie 12:06 11 Jan 2018

Not everybody in the Army needs to be an Action Man. Support Services out number Fighting Troops by a considerable %age.

  flycatcher1 14:25 11 Jan 2018

I did not think that a link was necessary. I heard on TV that the retention rates of soldiers is not good so attention to that and looking after ex-service people would be better moves than expensive PC recruitment drives.

There are some ex service fighting men on this Forum and their views on recruitment would be interesting.

  Forum Editor 16:22 11 Jan 2018

The world is going slowly mad.

  john bunyan 18:24 11 Jan 2018

The Army is no different to society, and there is no reason for homosexuals not to join and be as brave as anyone else . In the early WW2 days is the SAS , two of their most ruthless characters were Blair (Paddy) Mayne and Mike Calvert , widely believed to have been gay.

Book on SAS

Providing an individual can pass all the tests and has the right spirit, their gender or sexual preference should be irrelevant. Back in the ‘60’s when male homosexuality was illegal., employers like MI6 and 5 had problems when they could be honey trapped by the KGB , as happened a number of times, quite apart from the McLean & Burgess scandal. These days a persons proclivity should be private as long as it does not interfere with his job

  Forum Editor 18:46 11 Jan 2018

"Providing an individual can pass all the tests and has the right spirit, their gender or sexual preference should be irrelevant."

I don't think that's in dispute, is it?

What surprised me is that The Army felt it necessary to run an advertising campaign telling potential recruits that (amongst other things) that it was alright to cry or to pray. Surely, it's up to each individual to decide whether or not it's alright to do those things - it shouldn't be necessary to fork out taxpayers' money for advertisements that say it.

Soldiers have always cried and prayed. They are human beings. There have always been Gay soldiers - the difference nowadays is that instead of hiding the fact they can be open about it. Again, it shouldn't be necessary to pay for ads about it.

I doubt that a single person is going to say 'I was concerned about joining up because I'm Gay, but those ads have put my mind at rest.'

I repeat, the world is going slowly mad.

  onthelimit1 19:42 11 Jan 2018

As ex military, I cannot believe the army hierarchy approved this ludicrous ad. I would go slightly further than FE and say the world HAS gone mad. And don't get me started on the universities' approach to the 'snowflake' generation of students!!

  flycatcher1 22:33 11 Jan 2018

FE and JB I agree with all you both have said. During my Service time I realised that there were quite a few gays about but if they did not rock the boat nothing was said. A good friend of mine shared a room for two years who was later convicted of gay behavior - he had no idea.

The Services give people the opportunity to improve and develop their abilities whatever they are and it is a shame that more people in this country do not realise this. It is also a great shame that the RAF Apprentice scheme was stopped it gave youngsters a chance to blossom and trained technicians who were an asset to the country in later years.

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