Never mind the *****X, here the...

  Quickbeam 16:32 10 May 2019

LibDems new election slogan!

Well there is certainly no doubt about their election message is there?

Opinions please...

  Devil Fish 01:14 12 May 2019

Rowlox to the lot of them they are all self serving looking after their own agenda.I am not talking brexit i am talking politicians in general from duck house to scargill pushed on by labour in an attempt to bring the government down.The fact is politicians don't give a monkeys about us just their expenses and their privilege right across the spectrum

  Quickbeam 07:33 12 May 2019

Well that's the negative view...

Personally I find that the current situation has engaged people positively with the political scene than ever before.

Whatever our opinion, more of us are now aware that we have one.

  caccy 09:33 13 May 2019

Never mind the DEMOCRATIC will of the people!!!

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