Neutrality of the Civil Service

  oresome 11:53 30 Jun 2019

There have been leaks to the press apparently by Civil Servants concerning the fitness of Jeremy Corbyn to become a future Prime Minister.

It's a worrying development if the service is seen as anything other than neutral but if you were to be considered for a top job in industry, there would be health checks and psychological profiling done to assess your fitness for the role in most cases, so why not for a Prime Minister?


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  Forum Editor 18:25 30 Jun 2019 why not for a Prime Minister?

Because it would compromise a basic democratic principle. It's up to each political party to elect/select its leader in its own way. It's not comparable with selecting people for senior management jobs in a commercial context.

To my way of thinking A potentially unfortunate outcome in our political system is that we can end up with having new party leaders (and therefore Prime Ministers) in mid term. Let's hope we get someone who can do the job that has to be done.

I share your concern about the apparent lack of neutrality on the part of some civil servants - they should not be publicly voicing their thoughts in this way.

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