Netfix Advert displaying these days

  AroundAgain 13:20 19 Jan 2018


Not sure which forum I should use for this so please move if necessary. Thx

Recently, possibly since I reinstalled Windows 10, I have noticed a Netfix ad at the end of each post, just before the reply box. It's not a problem but I'm just curious as to why I'm seeing it now, and not before.

I was using AdBlockPlus before the reinstall but am now using UBlock. Is this the reason, perhaps?

As I said, it's not a problem. I'm just curious. I'd be interested if anyone could tell me. I do realise the ads help pay towards websites but I find them too distracting and can slow down the web page opening. I'm already coping with slow broadband so lack of ads does help. ;)

Many thanks

  alanrwood 13:27 19 Jan 2018

Same here but not always Netflix. I also changed from AdBlock to Ublock Origin.

  AroundAgain 13:32 19 Jan 2018

Thanks Alan

That's interesting, eh?

  Govan1x 14:11 19 Jan 2018

It's not a problem Take it you were polite adding that. I am afraid nowadays ad blockers are a must.

It is adds like that which makes you use an add blocker and you get the same reply. We need the revenue from adds to keep the site going or make it a pay for site.

I have tried it without an ad blocker but that only lasted about an hour.

They keep threatening to make it a pay for site without adds, Not sure if that would work for them or not.

  Forum Editor 14:27 19 Jan 2018

"It is adds like that which makes you use an add blocker and you get the same reply. We need the revenue from adds to keep the site going or make it a pay for site."

You get the same reply because it's a fact. Without advertising revenue this site would cease to exist. We would love to be able to provide all the content and the forums without ads, but it simply can't be done.

  Govan1x 09:25 20 Jan 2018

Forum Editor

I suppose the problem is the more adds you put on it eventually less people will use it.

Most of the posters now are first time users and they don't usually come back for a 2nd helping.

The last add was so annoying I had to get it removed. I now have a 4" gap from the last post to the post to reply box. That is really annoying but not as much as the Add.

  Forum Editor 09:51 20 Jan 2018

"Most of the posters now are first time users and they don't usually come back for a 2nd helping."

Most of the forum posts are in areas other than Speakers Corner, and those people are asking for help and advice. Once they get it, of course they are unlikely to come back - that's how it should be, and how it has always been.

Huge numbers of people use our site without ever looking at the forums - they're after the content on other parts of the site, and there's an enormous amount of it.

Everyone would like to be able to use free-access help and information resources without seeing ads, but it isn't possible to run a site like this one without an income stream - where else do you think we would get the money from?

  AroundAgain 10:13 20 Jan 2018

Hi guys

Yes, thanks for your interesting discussion re the reason for adverts on web sites and forums.

Personally, I can accept a certain number of adverts but I draw the line where they are animated, noisy, videos etc. The advert I see just above this window, as I type, is not a problem to me.

My original question was merely to discover why I was seeing it now, when I didn't see it before I did a fresh install of Windows 10. I suspected it might be due to not having AdBlockPlus, and it seems that is probably the case.

I didn't intend to open up the very sensitive subject of adBlockers but, seeing as you now have, I'll explain why I use one. My internet speed is not brilliant and sometimes web pages can take ages to open. Consequently, I get fed up waiting, hence use an adBlocker of some kind.

Had the adverts stuck to 'still' (ie un-animated) and 'simple' like just an image, which doesn't affect the download speed (to say nothing of those who may have limitation to the downloading available) the the adverts on pages wouldn't need adblockers in the first place.

It's like anything; as soon as there is something to advantage, along come others who push it to the limits, take advantage and then spoilt it for everyone. I do feel that's what's happened. Too much greed, money money money!

So, with that, I'll let you get on with your day. Hope it's a good one ;)

  alanrwood 11:27 20 Jan 2018

If you are on a mobile network using a dongle and paying data costs the video ads consume lots of data and are unacceptable to me. On my home PCs I set certain sites to be exceptions as I am sensitive to the reasons for the ads as stated by the FE.

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