neighbourhood watch what to do if ur been burgled!

  last starfighter 19:45 16 Jul 2008

Ive just recently asked all the residents in my street to give me feedback (Posative/negative) towards starting a "neighbourhood watch scheme" down our street, 99.9% of them was posative & wanted to be involved, so i arranged a meeting with them all & the local "neighbourhood watch Facilitator" who used to be a inspector for the police & also a policewoman,

they all attended & various questions was spoken about & one of the residents said "He'd been burgled four times before & only once was the burgler caught & that was due to DNA left at the scene" and he asked that "If he was getting burgled what should he do" the facilitator told us that under "NO" circumstances approach the burgler just leave them & call the police"

the resident then informed the group "He had been told this before & did what he was informed to do but was ransacked & 50 mins after the burgler had gone the police turned up "No fingerprints "NO" Dna" no charge the burgler walked away laughing..then i asked so what if i was to approach him/them & tackle them & i was told by the facilitator that if "ANYONE" was found to of approached them the whole group would be "Diss-banded" from the neighbourhood watch scheme & we wouldnt get any funding & we would be on our own..this makes me sick it was only last week in the news that the goverment (if i am correct) informed the judges to be lenient on burglers & try "NOT" to jail them..whilst i can understand that the police & the neighbourhood watch tema dont want vigilante's i also would like them to be aware that they cant expect people to stand & watch them get robbed...

  rossgolf 20:47 16 Jul 2008

tbh, if some one starts robbing your house then its your "human instinct"to defend what is yours. you are not going to stand back and watch some one take some thing that you have worked and paid for.
i think we should be able to defend ourselves and our property

  crosstrainer 20:48 16 Jul 2008

I am not for a minute, suggesting you or your friends go down this route but:

click here

It is apparently now legal to proceed this way.

  ronalddonald 20:54 16 Jul 2008

thing is are you willing to lose your life if a theif is armed with aknife or somehting. All the Police forces will say dont go for the thief, yet if a policamans hous is burgled and the so called policman is not on duty is on nnual leave he's gonna go fo the thief.

The police like to be the heroes in most caes but still there should be some kind of systme in place where you allowed to challenge the thief, ie hit him hard with something heavy. You can do that if you can prove that you were in danger. You cant o that while persuing a thief who leaves your premises for the road, its thenknown ass gbh against the thief and you end up in toruble.

The police like to have this sytem of deterent, by having cctv etc but sometimes cctv doesnt prevnt murder or muggings, it just capures the images and leaves the police to follow up the crime. Now days theyget results fom DNA but sometimes they dont, ie if a car used in robbry, is found burnt out all dna is destoyed.

Now going back to your point of not receiving funding becasue you take action over a thief, the law needs to change for this country, i wish it were posible for people to make citizens arrest but as it goes this state is going nanny.

Thiefs use to be afriad of the Police and sometime i wonder may be we should have american style policing becsue of how society is changing.

Why are so many people turning to crime is becasue of drugs, poverty or just for laughs.
Bring american style policing but ig uess it reolve all the issue we are faced with crime

  crosstrainer 21:02 16 Jul 2008

One thing I would not wish to see in this country is American style policing, although I fear that is the way things are going.

Do we really want every person over the age of 18 owning a gun? Do you really think this will help or will it not simply escalate the problem?

  last starfighter 22:19 16 Jul 2008

ronalddonald" YOU STATED "i wish it were posible for people to make citizens arrest"

YOU CAN BUT! you need to be carefull the loophole is when the police come if youve got them to the ground is state "you made a "citizens arrest" as you antisipated they was a danger to themselves"
& you was worried they where about to harm themselves, thats taken from a friend i have who's a police woman..its got to be worded exactly like that..

  crosstrainer 22:23 16 Jul 2008

And there is the problem... Without knowing Exactly what is and is not allowed, the poor old citizen takes the theft / burglary / assault, and the perpetrator gets an ASBO (or as I prefer to call them) Medal of Honour.

And the taxpayer gets the bill.

Hmm...Maybe I should go into politics in my retirement?

  last starfighter 22:51 16 Jul 2008

crosstrainer" where i live there is a group of "WELL KNOW" kids (Aged around 9/10 & one 17 yr old girl) the 17 yr old girl has TWO asbo's & i am witness to her dragging a screwdriver down a very old morris minor car thats been restored & is still used on a daily basis god knows how much its worth but she scrapped a screwdriver from the back to the front & made a right mess of it.the police know who she is & want her locked up but untill they have THREE "Asbo's" they cant touch her plus she's not keeping to her curfew, hse laughs at the police

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:44 16 Jul 2008

I think the problem is greater than just a neighborhood watch team not getting funding.

I would fully agree with any law that enabled people to protect their property - if somebody enters your home with the intent to commit harm to you or deprive you of your possessions, you should be able to legally do whatever is necessary to protect yourself/family/home.

Myself as an example (and I don't mean to speak for everybody): I have received classical training in art of self defence - I'm quite capable of defending myself - generally speaking - regardless of any close range weapon the intruder may have, should I do so I am likely to be arrested myself. Crazy.

The problem is the government seem to be on a mission to decrimanlise crime (yes, it's an exaggeration, but crimes always seem to be being "devalued")

We don't need community punishments for seriel burglars, we need lenghty sentences to harsh prison environments.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:49 16 Jul 2008

"YOU CAN BUT! you need to be carefull the loophole is when the police come if youve got them to the ground is state "you made a "citizens arrest" as you antisipated they was a danger to themselves"
& you was worried they where about to harm themselves, thats taken from a friend i have who's a police woman..its got to be worded exactly like that.."

I think the message has become confused.

One reason for a citizen's arrest is, indeed, to avoid harm to the person arrested , Other reasons are causing harm to others, depriving otheros of or damaging their property, the person legging it before a police officer can take custody of them.

  crosstrainer 23:53 16 Jul 2008

I must admit, I am fortunate. I live in a very peaceful area and do not have the kind of criminal activity you describe.

A few years back a "Team" of youngsters broke into every vehicle in the small area I live in, and stole all the radio's.

Police gave everyone a crime number, and insurance claims were made. I was out on the evening this took place, ao was lucky to avoid any criminal damage to my car.

What would I do If I were to see a 17 year old scraping and damaging property I wouldn't like to post here.

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