Need some advice on hearing difficulties please.

  bumpkin 16:12 01 Sep 2014

My wife has finall accepted that she has hearing loss and had a hearing test this morning which confirmed this.

The reason I am asking here is that neither of us have any experience in this kind of thing nor do we know anybody that has.

At the test done at Specsavers on a doctors referal she was fitted with a device so painful that she pulled it off after a few seconds to their annoyance. She was told that it was the only thing available from NHS.

Looking on the net there seem to be many options, all claming to be marvelous which of course they would.

I don't mind paying even if expensive but would like to get the best result possible so looking for any advice from anyone who may have some personal experience please.

  carver 16:23 01 Sep 2014

bumpkin if she needs a hearing test have a referral from your doctors to see a specialist at the hospital.

Don't go and give your money to somebody who tries to give your wife a hearing aid that doesn't fit.

I hope this doesn't sound stupid but why Specsavers and why would a doctor refer you to them?

  wee eddie 16:26 01 Sep 2014

As something of a cynic. It is just possible that Specksavers went out of their way to make the NHS product uncomfortable, so that they might interest you in their products

  wee eddie 16:28 01 Sep 2014

As something of a cynic. It is just possible that Specksavers went out of their way to make the NHS product uncomfortable, so that they might interest you in their products

  wee eddie 16:31 01 Sep 2014

Sorry about the stutter

  bumpkin 16:48 01 Sep 2014

Carver and wee eddie, I agree with you both . She was offered a hospital test but told that Specsavers can also do them. Should have gone to the hospital who have no vested interest in hindsight just Specsavers was more convenient. Started off on the wrong foot it seems.

  BillSers 16:53 01 Sep 2014

The audiology hospital dept will greatly assist her, give her proper tests and fit her with a comfortable aid.

  bumpkin 17:28 01 Sep 2014

papier mache, good thinking misty, maybe I could make some up save a few bob.

  Nontek 18:44 01 Sep 2014

I have two hearing aids supplied free by NHS, at first they were excellent, I could hear birds in the trees among the normal city traffic, something I had not heard for ages.

Unfortunately this happy state lasted only a few days, after which the hearing aid stopped working, took them back to the hospital where they were repaired while I waited and then had another few days of excellent hearing. However, same thing happened after a few days: I could take them back to hospital but distance makes this very difficult (but they would have been repaired again as often as necessary).

I discarded the hearing aids until such time as I need to go to the hospital again.

I have tried several 'Get your free TV Amplifiers/Invisible Hearing Aids/Home Checks here adverts - all of which so far have just been after my money, as soon as I say I am on Benefits etc they soon give up. I am trying once more having a home check-up possibly next week, if the same or similar to other so-called providers I shall just wait until I am at the hospital again. A bit of a 'minefield' out there!

Meanwhile I use Wireless Head-phones to listen to TV etc.

Good Luck!

  kad292 19:29 01 Sep 2014

I cannot comment on Specsavers as to their reliability or trustworthiness or level of care but my present NHS aids have lasted for three years with no issues ,batteries last for approximately 14 to 16 days depending on use,9 to 14 hrs/day.

The previous set lasted five years to the surprise of the staff and were still working when changed to present ones,if broke or lost you are issued with a free set but if happens again i believe you pay fifty pounds to replace.

I recall that one ear mould they made did not fit correctly,painful when inserted,so they re-made one with no fuss and am now still wearing it in preference to the new one i received when offered my present aid.

Since the market was opened a plethora of websites and companies offering aids has confused a lot of people but i would stick with the NHS even if i had to pay for one.

  sunnystaines 19:36 01 Sep 2014

there are two types of nhs i have had the segment behind the ear is the same i think for all nhs.

at first on the end of the hearing aid tube there was a bung that went ito the ear. i had problem where the bung kept comming off in my ear needing A&E vist on some of the occasions to remove it as it was so deep.

then they changed me to ear moulds, mould to you ear much better, but one ear mould started rubbing my ear, the hosp then cut away the offending part of the mould and all ok.

has your wife gone through this, i wear glasses and hosp recommeded straight leg glasses as opposed to the ones that curl slightly behind the ear as they pinch.

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