Need help advice suggestion anything

  Kevscar1 07:34 05 Mar 2010

After telling me in Nov if I did pain clinic hand therapy the surgeon said he would then see about breaking the hand and resetting it. Yesterday he refused, said I had to accept that I mght never be able to, drive or play on the floor again.
Gave me hope and now he,s taken it away again.
Asked him to amputate it and give me an artificial hand, told me it wouldn,t stop the pain. I told him I could handle the pain, the problem was the hand siezing uo if I didn't keep opening and closing it. Still refused and told me I had to accept things, other people had it worse.
I know that but I do not see why I should acept my life being ruined because of NHS screw-ups.
Anyone know of any ideas how I could force them to give me my life back.

  morddwyd 07:45 05 Mar 2010

All I can give is sympathy.

When you are at your lowest ebb there is nothing worse than some pillock telling you there are others worse off (yes, I know that was my initial response).

  sunnystaines 07:47 05 Mar 2010

see your gp get a second refferal to another hospital, try and get a recommended one first.

i had a problem with a local hosp was not happy with consultant got a recommendation and got a another refferal to a london hosp much better.

have a look on the net any voluntry groups cater for your condition you could contact for advice.

  Quickbeam 07:57 05 Mar 2010

I know someone that had a voluntary leg amputation at the knee due to an army action shrapnel wound.

I gather that they won't consider such a drastic action until they're absolutely sure that there is no other option, the pain is truly unbearable, and you've not decided over the weekend that you want a voluntary amputation. In the case I know off it took two years for them to do it. So I don't think you will get a quick solution, even if you're completely sure now that amputation is the right solution.

  bri-an 08:18 05 Mar 2010

Whilst sympathising with your many posts on this particular medical problem, I cannot understand someone of obvious intelligence (you were a police officer, I seem to recall) continually asking for advice on a computer forum.

With respect to everyone else posting on here, it's dangerous to ask and accept advice from unknown strangers on vitally important matters to you.

You must surely go back to your GP and if need be demand that he/she does something about getting other opinions. That is a GP's job!
Failing that get some legal advice about your options, be they private or NHS.

  Quickbeam 08:34 05 Mar 2010

You've never lent a shoulder at some time?

  bri-an 08:52 05 Mar 2010

Of course I have, but that wasn't my point - the GP or legal advice now seems all that is open and I would want face-to-face discusiions, not (with all due respect) unknown strangers on the net telling me what to do.
Kevscar should be wise enough to know that.

  Legolas 09:01 05 Mar 2010

your missing the point Kevscar is unlikely to make a life changing descision on the basis of what someone says on this forum recommends but sharing something with others is a great help.

  bri-an 09:11 05 Mar 2010

Kevscar has been sharing his hand problems over a number of posts and I don't decry him looking for sympathy and understanding - but this latest post is not asking for that, he is wanting to know how he can 'hit back' and get something done.
Quote " Anyone know of any ideas how I could force them to give me my life back."

I simply pointed out the ONLY way to do this, and suggested that an intelligent former professional man would already know the answer - and it's not from strangers on a computer forum on the net!
I repeat, GP and/or legal advice.

  march 09:16 05 Mar 2010

My sympathy to you Kevscar,

Don’t know the details but note from your post you say it was caused from ‘NHS screwup’ did you take advice from a solicitor? or it’s suggested by bri-an you were in the police could they give any advice/support to you or maybe provide a solicitor via the police federation?



  Kevscar1 09:19 05 Mar 2010

I know that made an appointment for the Doc already and going to phone Solicitor today. I also have to phone my company who have said they will wait as long as it takes and tell them I will probably never be able to come back. I also have to explain to one of my grandchildren who asked last weekend when I,d be able to play on the floor again that now probably never.
I have to look at the fact that when the insurance runs out April I will not be able to pay my mortgage and loan so will probably lose my house.
Right now I just don't know which way to turn and struggling not to let my wife know just how bad I feel but neither of us slept well last night.

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