Need a Chemist

  seedie 17:12 03 Aug 2005

My 15 yr old son has a passion for model cars with what they call a nitro engine. The fuel for this
is £13.50 for 2.5 litres and only lasts for a few days and we wondered if there is a cheaper substitute we could use.
Today we tried methylated spirits and two stroke oil as the lubricant but they won't mix satisfactorily and as methanol is difficult to obtain is anything we could use for for a fuel/oil mixture?

Nitro methane need not be part of the equation.

Sorry it's a bit off topic but probably better here than helpforum.

Thanks CD

  sattman 17:30 03 Aug 2005

Not one of the many hobbies or pastimes that I have got involved with but is this any help.?

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  Forum Editor 17:39 03 Aug 2005

to find a model car forum in which to ask this.

  Diemmess 17:41 03 Aug 2005

During the 60s and 70s I was obsessed as a hobby with flying model aircraft, and even that period saw huge changes in the way to buy suitable fuel.

Without going on and on about a non computer topic, the Internet and Google has to be the place to find out what is available, where and how much!

Methanol ie Methyl alcohol, will mix with castor oil and some synthetic oils. Ordinary car oil is no use, Nitro methane too expensive, 2-stroke is meant to be mixed with petrol which is not suitable for use with glow-plug compression ignition engines.

Most larger model shops used to sell ready mixed fuel in 5 litre containers, but Home Office regulations make this as difficult as possible.

"I remember" a group of us used to buy a 40 gallon drum of methanol and have a methanol-party to share out this cheap fuel and Butler Chemicals delivered and fetched in bulk. we were also able then to buy Newton oil which was suitable to mix with the methanol. That was before a fuel tax was clapped on methanol

By the way, Meths will not do. it is basically Ethyl Alcohol (drinkable) made poisonous with Methanol, and pyridine to make it taste nasty as well as a dye to make it even less likely to be used as a drink.

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