Nearly a third of parents and grandparents

  Forum Editor 23:11 25 Sep 2005

have been encouraged to surf the net by a child aged between 13 and 16.

Nearly 20% had learnt a new skill following help from a five to eight-year-old.

Those statistics come from new research - carried out by BT - into Internet use by older people.

I wondered if anyone here had been on the receiving end of encouragement and/or tuition from children?

  Chegs ® 01:38 26 Sep 2005

My daughters nine,she has had me building websites,and learning new software with which to do it.

  €dstowe 06:37 26 Sep 2005

I have two nieces (10 and 6 years) who have taught me several things about Photoshop. This is rather embarrassing as I use this program daily on a professional basis.

  wee eddie 07:26 26 Sep 2005

I learned to skate backward whilst teaching my younger brothers to skate forward.

Many a teacher will tell you that, on occasion, they have been just 5, or so, pages ahead of the class when teaching unfamiliar subject matter.

  spuds 10:17 26 Sep 2005

I think it is like all the old trades and crafts, many have been forgotten were new technology came into being, and the older generation cannot be bothered [in most cases] to gain experiences of this new technology, when the younger generation can do it for you.

A typical example, the kids next door can reprogramme my dvd/video, and I can repair their bicycle or skateboard. Fair exchange of knowledge, I would say.

  pj123 15:51 26 Sep 2005

Don't underestimate kids. Before I retired I was an IT tutor for a County Council. Teaching Adults was hard work. Teaching Kids was easy.

An example: I can't change my digital watch from GMT to British Summertime and back again. My next door neighours kid (6, now 7) does it in 5 seconds.

  Diemmess 16:21 26 Sep 2005

My youngest son then in 5th form did things with a ZX80 that fascinated and indirectly made me see the advantages of an office computer (a Tandy TRSDOS OS, program and data all on one single sided 8" floppy).

It is true, at 15 he seemed intuitive while I took forever and made every sort of mistake.

  surfer girl 16:27 26 Sep 2005

I can repair my bicycle AND program my video/DVD AND network my computers but then I'm a woman so I can multi task (and duck LOL)

  stalion 18:26 26 Sep 2005

my stepson from a previous marriage at the age of 12 had learnt everything about dos and could put anything right in windows 95,I never could grasp it

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:52 26 Sep 2005

I can't network my computers because I only have the one, but I did build it myself. I can program my DVD recorder and when I was still cycling, I used to time trial, I not only fixed my bikes, I built my own wheels. So who says you have to be a woman to multi-task? :-))

  josie mayhem 20:48 26 Sep 2005

Oh, it's so much fun NOT being prim and proper...

We have a sign up where I work, which says 'you don't stop playing because you growen old, you grow old when you stop playing... so keep playing'

If I didn't have children, I would never of learn't how to build, maintain and fix my compters... I've had to learn to reslove issuse that they created!

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