Nearly ran over a dog

  VNAM75 23:42 25 Jul 2008

I think it was a doberman type dog. It was about 9.30pm, and as I was driving it ran out on to the road and was narrowly missed by a scooter in front of me. But I had to do an emergency stop and sound my horn very forcefully. The car behind also had to stop to a halt.

If I'd hit it, injured or killed the dog, what would have been my legal duty, if any?

1) Leave it, drive on
2) Phone 999
3) Inform local police station

It was a really stupid dog and out of control.

  Stuartli 23:52 25 Jul 2008

You would have had to report the incident to the police.

  spuds 00:19 26 Jul 2008
  Main Access 00:19 26 Jul 2008

If you hit a horse, cattle, ass, mule, sheep, pig, goat or dog you must report it. Reporting any other animal is at your discretion, but you must make sure it’s not injured or suffering.

Further for a dog.

Check if it had a colar on, if it has get the name and address of the owner.

Get an estimate for the cost of repairs to your car

Present the dogs owners with the cost of repairing your car.

  jakimo 00:20 26 Jul 2008

Many years ago I ran over a dog,although it was more like it ran over me as it was a very large great Dane type of dog, stopping to inspected both car and dog, there was no sign of the dog, but the radiator however was pushed back into the cooling fan (they had them in those days) and water was everywhere,I ended up having to call out a tow truck,and lost my no claims bonus.

I don't know what happened to the dog,and due to the lack of a body the police were not interested.

  josie mayhem 00:22 26 Jul 2008

If you hit it yes you have to report the incidnet to the police oridganly this was due to dog owner requiring to have a dog lience...

And if you own a dog and it causes a accident then you has a owner are legaly responsible to pay the bill as you have nelected to keep the dog under proper control...

  rdave13 00:27 26 Jul 2008

Just thank your lucky stars that you didn't hit the animal. The damage to your car could have been very expensive.

  VNAM75 00:38 26 Jul 2008

Luckily there was no damage to any cars or injury to any people but it could have been that way. I may have had to swerve, the car behind may have hit me etc. I couldn't have cared less about that dog.

Its always sad seeing dead animals on the road. Birds, badgers, cats, foxes etc going about their normal business, crossing to the other side, eating scraps etc. This dog was moving back and forth between the middle of the road and the pavement.

I once saw about 7 ducklings following their mother duck in a neat line crossing an A road. It was a mid summer afternoon and as I drove past I was worried for them because it was a 60/70mph road. I actually wanted to stop and try to help them cross but it was not safe to do so. I was worried for them a few days after, wondering if they'd all made it safe to the other side of the road. I think they did, they were about half way across and clearly visible so cars would have had plently of time to slow down/avoid them.

  VNAM75 00:40 26 Jul 2008

Add hedghogs to the innocent list.

  rdave13 01:05 26 Jul 2008

You're a softie....:-|

  Chegs ®™ 06:52 26 Jul 2008

At the risk of causing an outcry...

I used to ride a motorcycle to & from work,on the early shift the roadside was frequented by plenty of rabbits.I used to wear steel toe-capped boots & as I rode past the rabbits I would attempt to kick them.Those I hit,I would stop and gather up to take home and use to feed the dog.

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