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Nearly 8000 drivers were caught

  Forum Editor 08:44 23 Jan 2017

using a mobile phone whilst driving during a week-long period in November last year.

It's a worrying figure, especially as there were obviously many more drivers who were not caught. There's going to be another crack-down starting today, and I'm guessing that the results will be similar - I certainly see lots of people driving along with a phone clamped to their ear.

It's difficult to think what can be done about it; obviously the current penalties are not a sufficient deterrent, added to which, there is presumably a small chance of being caught.

  Teabag. 09:56 24 Jan 2017

We've virtually done it with drink driving, we cab do the same with phones.

Sensible advice, get a cab home.

I'm old enough to remember when coming out of the pub and getting into a cat was the norm,

What you do in the privacy of you own home is your business.

Like so many other things, I doubt the poetical will is there.

I cannot see how poetry can help the situation?

  bumpkin 10:32 24 Jan 2017

You're driving home and on the phone,

Makes you more accident prone,

The mobile police are down the road,

Away your car, it will be towed.

  morddwyd 21:46 24 Jan 2017


Sorry about the typos. Unfortunately, as some will already be aware, I am slowly losing my vision and this is one of the effects.

I don't particularly want to stop posting but if I am confusing people it's something I may have to think about!

  lotvic 23:07 24 Jan 2017

I habitually have to close one eye to focus on the page. When I'm reduced to squinting with half an eye I may have to slow down a bit (or take more water with it - comment inserted before bumpkin gets the chance)

  Burn-it 15:38 25 Jan 2017

As my son once called me out. If you can tell me I've spelled it wrong, you knew what I meant and THAT is the important thing.

  FedupwithWindows 16:16 26 Jan 2017

I quite like the little portable "jammers" that you can find on the 'net that simply block mobile signals within a certain range. One of these could be incorporated into the car's system to jam the phone signals, and then when the ignition is switched off the jammer also stops. Simple.

  Cymro. 16:28 26 Jan 2017

FedupwithWindows Now that's just the sort of thing I was thinking about. No doubt some "cleverdick" will come along and throw cold water on the idea.

  bumpkin 18:06 26 Jan 2017

I quite like the little portable "jammers" that you can find on the 'net

I would like to find one, any links?

  morddwyd 19:23 26 Jan 2017

" No doubt some "cleverdick" will come along and throw cold water on the idea."

The "clever dick" is the Government, who have made it illegal to interfere with telephone signals.

A few week ago a bar or cafe owner was done for having just such a jammer in his own premises.

  lotvic 22:05 26 Jan 2017

We will have to all drive around in a Faraday cage click here

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