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Nearly 8000 drivers were caught

  Forum Editor 08:44 23 Jan 2017

using a mobile phone whilst driving during a week-long period in November last year.

It's a worrying figure, especially as there were obviously many more drivers who were not caught. There's going to be another crack-down starting today, and I'm guessing that the results will be similar - I certainly see lots of people driving along with a phone clamped to their ear.

It's difficult to think what can be done about it; obviously the current penalties are not a sufficient deterrent, added to which, there is presumably a small chance of being caught.

  lotvic 14:36 23 Jan 2017

My solution would be to confiscate the phone of anyone caught using one whilst driving and to charge them with Dangerous Driving.

  Brumas 15:04 23 Jan 2017

I am not a mobile phone user but I have one in the glovebox for use in an emergency. Any thing that can be done to dissuade the morons who do use them whilst driving can only be applauded however i think the punishment is far too lenient.

If you are caught you should lose your driving licence for 3 years, then attend a Driver's Awareness Course - it would soon make you think twice!!!

  Pine Man 15:14 23 Jan 2017


Got to agree with you. When I was still working about 15/20 years ago I had a mobile provided and my car was adapted for handsfree use. When I got calls that asked questions and gave instructions I found myself really struggling to pay attention to my driving. Eventually, when I got a call, I would either stop or offer to ring back and then stop.

There was, and definitely is now, too much going on around a driver to allow him/herself to be distracted by a phone call, which is hardly ever that urgent.

  bumpkin 15:39 23 Jan 2017

Another issue, phone rings, you pull over somewhere suitable and it is a nuisance call. Hands free only in cars in my opinion and even they can be distracting.

  x123 15:48 23 Jan 2017

Use this technology in cars?

enter link description here

  Burn-it 19:45 23 Jan 2017

It ought to be treated the same way as drunk driving - if not actually more severely. At least the drunk can say the alcohol clouded his judgement.

  bumpkin 21:25 23 Jan 2017

Like most things of this nature it is the chances of being caught rather than the penalty that is the main deterrent. If I were to stand on a main road near me I am fairly sure I would see 100 plus per day. Any crackdown should be nationwide and frequent until people realize the consequences.

  Quickbeam 07:47 24 Jan 2017

Originally it was driving with the phone held to your ear that was the danger. The much greater danger now is typing while replying to text or social media messages, this takes your eyes as well as your attention away from driving.

I still see people get in there cars in the morning, back out of the drive and then apparently think to themselves, I need to catch up on my social interaction, I'm not doing anything else, only driving!

  Forum Editor 08:04 24 Jan 2017


Cars are effectively Faraday cages already, which is why you are likely to be safe if the car is struck by lightning - as long as the tyres are electrically isolated you'll be fine.

Phones work in cars because of the windows - if you wanted a true Faraday cage effect you would have to laminate a metal mesh into the glass similar to that used on Microwave ovens, and that couldn't be done for obvious reasons.

  morddwyd 08:57 24 Jan 2017

"It's difficult to think what can be done about it; "

That's easy, increase the detection rate, technology could help here, and increase the penalties, loss of car, loss of licence, increase in insurance.

We've virtually done it with drink driving, we cab do the same with phones.

I'm old enough to remember when coming out of the pub and getting into a cat was the norm, it was regarded as a sort of game with the police, and bad luck if you were caught. If you saw a lurking police car on the way home you might even ring the pub to warn your friends.

Such behaviour is totally unacceptable now, and we must make the use of phones just as unacceptable.

Like so many other things, I doubt the poetical will is there.

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