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Nearly 8000 drivers were caught

  Forum Editor 08:44 23 Jan 2017

using a mobile phone whilst driving during a week-long period in November last year.

It's a worrying figure, especially as there were obviously many more drivers who were not caught. There's going to be another crack-down starting today, and I'm guessing that the results will be similar - I certainly see lots of people driving along with a phone clamped to their ear.

It's difficult to think what can be done about it; obviously the current penalties are not a sufficient deterrent, added to which, there is presumably a small chance of being caught.

  Quickbeam 09:19 23 Jan 2017

I've seen 3 cars pulled over this morning, probably as part of the clampdown.

  Forum Editor 09:26 23 Jan 2017

I've been wracking my brain to think if there might be a technology solution that could be built into vehicles. I don't think there is one that would be workable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:41 23 Jan 2017

Phones have an accelerator, set to disable the phone if moving at more than 5 mph.

Of course this will mean it will become quite on trains and buses and people may then have to learn to talk to one another again? :0)

  Quickbeam 09:43 23 Jan 2017

You won't need to work again he you find it!

  Flak999 10:56 23 Jan 2017

Probably like most owners of fairly new cars my Audi has a completely hands free car kit. I do not have to remove my hands from the wheel to make or answer calls as I have voice dialling and one touch answering by a button on the steering wheel.

I don't make many calls from the car but it is a convenience I would miss. However if it is necessary to prevent accidents, could not car manufacturers fit a device that disables phones when the driver sits in the driving seat for instance?

  bumpkin 11:07 23 Jan 2017

* could not car manufacturers fit a device that disables phones when the driver sits in the driving seat for instance?*

Not very practical if the driver has stopped in a lay-by for example. What technology would disable the phone anyway. I was recently told that signal blocking is not legal.

  Cymro. 12:26 23 Jan 2017

This is a problem caused by technology and I think it will be technology that solves it eventually. My car can't be driven without the doors locking above a certain speed about 5 MPH I think. Now surely the same sort of thing could be made to work with Mobile Phones. If the ignition is on or the car travels above a certain speed or whatever as long as it works without there being any safety issues then there should be an answer there somewhere for us. I see no reason why anyone would need to use a phone when a car is moving. Mind you there may be times when you would need to contact the police while on the move. When you need to report another driver for using their phone while driving perhaps. O well back to the drawing board again.

  bumpkin 12:40 23 Jan 2017

The problem is that the phone is a hand held item with its own power so how do you stop someone using it whether the engine is running or not.

  Jollyjohn 12:44 23 Jan 2017

The ability to make hands free calls on the move is very useful. I drive a HGV, on a night shift, and have made calls to 999 to report incidents. Some of the incidents have been on the opposite carriage way so even if I stopped, I am not going to be a pedestrian on the motorway trying to go and offer assistance. Also stopping on the hard shoulder of the motorway, except in an emergency, is an offence. So stopping to make a phone call........

  oresome 14:01 23 Jan 2017

The reality is that the hands are only part of the problem.

Like others with new cars, I have hands free mobile use, but the brain is diverted from giving full attention to driving the car. It is in no way similar to talking to a passenger where the conversation can be easily interrupted without explanation being necessary.

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