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Nearly 2,000 fraud offences are committed

  Forum Editor 13:34 25 Jan 2020

every day in Englsnd and Wales, and only 1 in 50 of those cases is ever prosecuted. The large majority of those frauds are perpetrated online, and the Police can't cope with the sheer volume.

Last year, The Times newspaper investigated how reports of fraud are handled, and there are some disturbing revelations in a BBC piece about the huge increase in reports of fraud. It makes you realise how important it is to do everything possible to prevent yourself from becoming part of a worrying set of statistics.

Advice about how to protect yourself from becoming a victim is everywhere, and I am not going to reiterate it here - much of it is commonsense in any case. If you are not sure about what precautions to take, have a look at this and download the little book of big scams.

  wee eddie 10:44 26 Jan 2020

Thank you FE

  x13 11:46 26 Jan 2020

I think that most of us here are pretty savvy about security but it can only take a moment's lack of concentration and even the best of could fall to malware/scams. These kinds of posts are a good reminder to us all to be on our toes.

  Menzie 22:12 26 Jan 2020

There is also another scam called the sim-swap. Where criminals somehow manage to port your number to another sim and are able to access any TFA (Two Factor Authentication) or reset passwords.

Even car theft as changed, they now have devices where they can intercept your key signal and recreate it to open your vehicle.

As technology moves so do the tools and methods that are used.

  Quickbeam 06:42 29 Jan 2020

I must admit that I seem to have adopted the casual attitude of just batting such attempts aside and carrying on as normal.

Usually with a phone approach faking to be from the police, I adopt the dozy old duffer character and say 'yes, someone was trying to get in the garage last...' and ramble on not listening to them but persisting with any old waffle that comes to mind, they always hang up first!

  Quickbeam 06:46 29 Jan 2020

...and for the 'About your recent accident in which you are no way to blame...' lot, if I'm in the mood, I'll detail an accident that gets more and more ridiculous the longer they don't hang up on me.

  lotvic 01:45 30 Jan 2020


I found the comments by Gordon Freeman totally unwarranted

I found the comments totally warranted.
IMHO You took over the thread with your rambling unasked for 'advice' and other comments. Had I been the TS I would have had the annoyance of your hijack and emails for each irrelevant post from you, and others responding to you, that did not directly relate to the question I'd asked.

I am aware that this is FE's thread about fraud offences.

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