The Naughty Bankers

  realist 13:27 10 Feb 2009

What a great piece of TV, and how astonishing it was to hear the former Chief Executive of RBS enthuse about the practice of "dicing and slicing" i.e. the re-packaging of loans which got us in this mess in the first place!

  Cymro. 15:00 10 Feb 2009

How about some suggestions about what questions we would like to ask them.

  kindly 18:57 10 Feb 2009

I would like £60,000 a month. I dont have any degrees for banking or any training like these pretenders. I do know how to pay my mortgage so might try to get a job in a bank.
They should be totally ashamed of themselves. After all, if we went for a job with no qualifications would we get it. NO we would not. Its all to do with "THE OLD BOY NETWORK".
I am out of work and could do thier job for one month easily then get paid off, and I would not even ask for a couple of million to see me ok.

  Quiller. 19:37 10 Feb 2009

have a vacancy.

If you don't gel in 6 months you'll get a miserly £4 to £5 million payoff.

I don't see many bankers applying as they may have to take a paycut.

  kindly 17:35 11 Feb 2009

That would be a canny job dave, working away from home every two weeks. Your own seat at every match. To top it all you have the summer off.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:55 11 Feb 2009

This shower are lucky that they are not in China or else they would have been up against a wall by now.


  ulrich 18:11 11 Feb 2009

Ia that the right word?

  carver 18:20 11 Feb 2009

I didn't know you felt so strongly about these unlucky gentlemen, poor people, having to appear in front of those nasty MP's and answer questions about a little mistake they might have made.

Mind you, that idea about a wall does sound about right.

Have you ever thought about trying for a job as an MP.

  Forum Editor 18:53 11 Feb 2009

but as I've watched and read the various revelations of the past few months I've come to realise that I was - quite innocently - defending the indefensible, at least as far as some of the very senior executives in some of the banks are concerned.

I still believe that the vast majority of those employed in banking had little or no idea about what the true situation was, and even if some of them did have an inkling there wasn't much they could do about it. I certainly shan't be tarring all bank staff with the same brush, although there are those who seem to want to do that.

What's emerging is a tacky tale of incompetence, aided and abetted by sheer greed, and it's distasteful in the extreme. It will take some time and a huge amount of hard work to undo the damage that a few people have done, but that's something for the industry and the government to concentrate on. For my part I'm going to concentrate on working hard and hoping that my clients do the same - we're all in this together, and if ever there was a time for a unified effort this is it.

  DippyGirl 19:15 11 Feb 2009

As shaduf said in the "you couldnt make it up thread"
'In 1995 unchecked risk taking by Nick Leeson resulted in the collapse of Barings Bank.
He got 6 years in a Singapore jail.
What's the difference?'

Well what is the differnce? The Banks actually didnt go under because El Gordo bailed them out.

I agree with past comments of the FE about reckless borrowing by Joe and Jenny Public, but not everyone over extended themselves, yet they potentially may still lose their job/house/life(not literally but being able to enjoy it)

The way this self-regulated industry globally has brought most economies to its knees is shameful. And in my opinion someone has to take responsibility - not just say "sorry".

Yes I want a scapegoat. These guys were happy to take the big salary and bonuses when times were good. They had no problem cutting jobs. Now they just shrug and say its all part of a wider problem.

What problem? This wasnt a natural disaster. This was a banking problem made by bankers, that has extended far beyond the banking sector.

Heads should roll!

  Monoux 19:15 11 Feb 2009

GANDALF <|:-)>-- I was told last night that in the mid 1800s there was a deep depression and angry mobs of depositors stormed the banks , dragged the bankers out and hung them in the streets, presumably from lamposts.

I expect there are a few who would like to do that to todays shower

The good old days eh :o)

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