Natwest 3

  silverous 13:16 13 Jul 2006

I understand that the "Natwest 3" are now in the air and on their way to the U.S. where presumably they will be chained on arrival.

What are people's thoughts on this?

Whether the extradition-type agreement is reciprocated or not I think is not as relevant as whether the agreement was meant to be used for this kind of case, and what criteria have been applied before it is put into action. Presumably there has to be some sort of compelling evidence reviewed by our country or do we allow people to be shipped off to the US in chains on request?

Some of their protestations are that the only reason the U.S. can extradite them is because an email passed through a U.S. server giving them jurisdiction.

It doesn't sit comfortably with me.

  SG Atlantis® 13:34 13 Jul 2006

who are they?

  silverous 13:39 13 Jul 2006
  [email protected] 13:49 13 Jul 2006

only 1 person to blame TB he never learned that if you give an inch they will take a yard and it really takes a lot of work pulling that inch back
Puppet master and slave strikes the mind

  amonra 13:52 13 Jul 2006

They all made in the region of £800,000:00 each as a result of some questionable dealings. You dont make that sort of money "honestly" overnight without something being slightly iffy.
Let's see what some clever legal-eagles in the States will make of it.

  silverous 13:53 13 Jul 2006

Thanks for responses however I didn't want this to become party political or attacks on individuals in the government as I fear FE may cease it for that, please keep it to your views on the situation itself.

  silverous 13:56 13 Jul 2006

Where did that figure come from? No one is saying they are innocent or guilty - that isn't the point, what is the point is why should they be extradited to the US for trial where it has been argued they will probably not be able to get meaninful bail or perhaps a fair trial.

Prominent figures have said that the evidence was not reviewed first, and the alleged crime was committed here so why not try them here?

Then legislation was designed for terrorists (at least in my mind!).

  Jimmy14 13:56 13 Jul 2006

further to your who are they question, it is all over BBC NEWS on TV even showing thew making their way to Gatwick airport and them being handed to the US marshalls, then their plane takes off and guess who's on it? A BBC Correspondent for even more news about them sitting at the back of the plane calm with the marshalls beside them.

  ezypcy 13:57 13 Jul 2006

SG Atlantis® ,I very impressed that it only took you
16 minutes to analyse the entire case.

silverous ,as you posed the question then surely we
need to know from what angle you are coming from.

Innocent or rich greedy boys?Who knows!
Orange boiler suits waiting for them at Arrivals.
Tough really!

  silverous 14:03 13 Jul 2006

I've made my points here in the posts above (perhaps you haven't read yet).

Perhaps I was sitting on the fence a bit in my original post. I just don't like the sound of it, if someone said "they committed a crime in the U.S. and there's compelling evidence" then I'd rest a bit easier maybe.

  ezypcy 14:06 13 Jul 2006

O, I certainly read every word.You simple pipped
me at the post.

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