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National grid incident stops trains

  Forum Editor 18:16 09 Aug 2019

Here's something to think about - how resilient is the National Grid?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:58 09 Aug 2019

The climate has changed, been forecast for years, the infrastructure needs to adapt to cope with it.

Things like the grid are prone to weather, e.g. winds, icing, sunspot activity, the engineers should have been working towards solving these problems years ago.

  john bunyan 19:16 09 Aug 2019

I wonder , post Brexit, if the French, Dutch etc will use electric supplies for political purposes?

French supplies U.K.

  john bunyan 20:11 09 Aug 2019

The grid folk work hard I’m sure and these outages are infrequent so I hope this one is an aberration.

  oresome 20:17 09 Aug 2019

From the linked article:

National Grid said it was caused by issues with two power generators but the problem was now resolved.

So it appears to be power generators and not the distribution network at fault.

Resilience of power generation has been reducing for years as coal fired plants closed to meet environmental targets, nuclear development has lagged behind and privatisation has meant cutting back on spare capacity to improve profit margins.

  Quickbeam 06:44 10 Aug 2019

This could be even more of a major problem had we already all gone electric for vehicles. Imagine an entire region of the country being jammed up with flat battery cars, and then the queues for recharging once it's up and running again!

Maybe it's a wake up call for our future use.

  john bunyan 09:21 10 Aug 2019

In the long term new battery technologies that could halve the size and double the capacity will be needed With grapheme and other materials this is quite possible. Then the N Grid would have a lot more battery banks, many domestic and businesses would have solar panels and such batteries such that there would be millions of mini power stations linked into the grid.

I think a minister or ombudsman should be appointed to drive (no pun intended ) the change to electric vehicles that would coordinate all this. I think car batteries for EV should be an a linked group rather than a single unit so one could , like a gas cylinder, change an empty for a full one at a garage/ charging station.

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