National Flag for the Un-United kingdom?

  Quickbeam 12:12 14 Sep 2014

We know what Scotland's flag will be, but what of the new Flag of the Un-United kingdom...?

  Quickbeam 12:14 14 Sep 2014

I prefer the second one down, possibly with an all green field.

  spuds 14:34 14 Sep 2014

Don't start me on flags.

Our local council had a ceremony the other day, when the Town Hall was decorated with the 'present' Union Jack and the flag of Scotland. Apparently, this was my cities attempt at sending the message out, for continuing of the union.

I thought it more as a 'jolly' for those specially invited.

  sunnystaines 17:02 14 Sep 2014

keep the union jack as it is, hawaii still keeps its union jack in the cornor of its flag as do some brit comonwealth nations like NZ. Dont want black or yellow in it thats dreadful.

  Aitchbee 17:05 14 Sep 2014

I once constructed [ and still have somewhere in my house] a multicoloured Scottish saltire flag, as my main project at the local college stained-glass course about 15 years ago ... perhaps it's a good omen ;o]

  kad292 17:22 14 Sep 2014

Still cannot get why people are so beholden to 'towels raised on sticks' but for my pennies worth keep the flag of that great turkish hero st george,so called,with the now denuded british flag in one corner.Grammatical errors are an expression of my opinion of nationalism though i do have failings.

  VCR97 18:38 14 Sep 2014

Good grief.

  sunnystaines 07:47 16 Sep 2014

will scotland keep the blue and white flag or go for the yellow one with a red dragon.

  Quickbeam 08:52 16 Sep 2014

Scotland's new flag will be the existing Saltire field with the Rolling Stones yah boo sucks logo rampant;-)

  Quickbeam 08:53 16 Sep 2014
  Quickbeam 12:22 16 Sep 2014

The trouble with that idea Woolwell, is that with the expected close call, you'd have 50% of the population wanting a smiley flag:-)

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