National Accident Helpline

  Fellsider 21:10 31 May 2007

I phoned the National Accident Helpline after my wife had a fall on a wet pathway.

They called back to say that the details don't meet their criteria.

When I asked what their criteria was - they cant (or won't) tell me.

I would suggest that everyone positively avoids them.

  Kate B 21:15 31 May 2007

That's an ambulance-chasing no-win-no-fee outfit, and frankly you're better off without them.

  g0nvs 21:23 31 May 2007

My daughter tripped over last year & broke her leg. She got the same reply, I think they will only take on "Dead Cert Winners".

  Cymro. 11:30 01 Jun 2007

I suppose this is another idea that came over from America. As Kate B says it is just "ambulance chasing."

  donki 11:59 01 Jun 2007

Well "no win no fee" should be self explanatory!! They wil not take on any case they know they wont win.. and why should they? I dont agree with companies like this or indeed with people who claim at the slightest thing, not doubting your wifr was injured Fellsider, but an awful lot are fraudjulent claims, pushing up are already over inflated insurance premiums.

  MrNerdy 16:16 01 Jun 2007

Can i not make a claim then for damage to my ear's & eyes by having to watch their advert.
Mr Nerdy goes off back to his pint laughing like a loon!!

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