A Nasty Shock

  morddwyd 18:33 12 Aug 2010

I nearly had a serious accident this afternoon.

Some idiot started to turn right across oncoming traffic, which would have had no chance of stopping.

Luckily he saw the danger at the last minute and stopped in time (though they had to swerve).

The nasty shock was that the idiot was me.

No excuses, no reasons, no distractions, I saw him but I just didn't register him.

OK, so it was a dark grey car against a wet dark grey road, but it was 2.00 on a summer's afternoon, broad daylight, well below the urban limit.

As I said to my wife at the time, that's once.

Once more and I must think about giving up the car.

  sunnystaines 18:38 12 Aug 2010

The good point is that near miss will now be burnt into the back of your mind when you drive and make you all the more safer for it.

glad you never snuffed it in a fatal we would all have missed your posts.

  Forum Editor 19:13 12 Aug 2010

and one which does you credit - lots of people would flinch from referring to themselves as 'some idiot'.

My father made a mistake when he was around 70 years old - he reversed into a another car in a carpark, and crushed the passenger door of the other vehicle. He went home and said to my mother 'that's it, there could have been a person in the passenger seat, and I might have caused a serious injury, I just didn't look properly, and I'm going to stop driving now, before something worse happens. He never got behind a wheel again.

I wonder how many people have similar experiences to yours and just ignore the warning signs - we all get older, and all of us will at some point have to admit we're increasingly likely to cause a serious accident if we continue to drive. It can't be a pleasant prospect if you're a long-term road user, but it's going to happen.

  karmgord 19:18 12 Aug 2010

Sometimes all that stands between having an accident or not having an accident is luck.
P.s probably you would have collided tomorrow (Friday 13th).

  wellshgit 19:35 12 Aug 2010

When I was in my 20,s I overtook a large lorry on a notoriously dangerous hill in South Wales. I was about halfway past when another large lorry came from around a bend in the road ahead straight at me. I managed to pass, but there were literally inches to spare. I was really shook up and shaking like a leaf. I am 69 now,and can honestly say I have never overtaken since unless I can see the road well ahead is clear. As sunnystaines says it will be burned into your memory, and every time you turn right from now on you will remember it. I sill do after all these years.

  karmgord 19:39 12 Aug 2010

If it happens again would you be so good as to post in advance what days & times you will be on the roads. :- )
serious now, it's good that everybody involved are ok,albeit perhaps a change of underwear needed by the other driver involved

  961 19:50 12 Aug 2010

Well even I have done that. Once.

For exactly the same reason as you

For some time I have complained to Volvo about the fact that drivers flash me because of the running lights where my dipped headlights are permanently on while the car is in motion

But it certainly helps avoid the situation we both encountered

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:31 12 Aug 2010

Glad your OK.
We all make mistakes, that's how accidents happen.

Only you can make the final decision about when to stop driving.

My father made that decision some years ago due to failing eyesight, but really missed the independence, fortunately my mother still drives but now in her eighties she will not drive far or into the city.

  rdave13 20:31 12 Aug 2010

I don't understand this, even as a driver of many years, it doesn't matter how well you concentrate on driving you will, no doubt about it, lose concentration. It might be for a few seconds or it might be more. Doesn't matter about age (within reason) it happens to us all. How often have you not remembered travelling a part of a very familiar route? Five miles down the road you suddenly realise you are where you are and can't remember passing a familiar village?
We're all guilty of this I think.

  birdface 21:18 12 Aug 2010

I just had to point this out from another thread that you took part in.

Silly old fool deserved everything he got and more.

Just shows how easy it can happen.

  rickf 21:25 12 Aug 2010

I find that as I become older I tend to concentrate more and drive a bit slower. My reactions are undoubtedly slower, not to mention poorer sight, and I have to bear this in mind although I do forget sometimes when I am behind the wheel and have to pinch myself.

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