NASA Earth Journey

  daz60 09:01 18 Nov 2011

No description just watch and savour.Thanks to NASA and Michel Konig.

Play on Full Screen.

Awesome Journey

  carver 09:28 18 Nov 2011

Brilliant, but it makes you realise just how much energy we waste just lighting the sky up.

  Aitchbee 11:32 18 Nov 2011

I wasted nearly a tenth of my monthly 1GB allowance for that download :o(

  Aitchbee 22:07 18 Nov 2011

alan14 - the download duration was over 1 hour. It, (the download), 'took over' my computer for that period, and cost me about 80 pence. I will not be clicking on similar links, for a while.(The accompanying music was, bland).

  carver 09:37 19 Nov 2011

*AitchBEE I'd consider getting a new ISP if it's taking that long and costing that much to download a small item such as that.

Plusnet will give you an "up to 20meg" for £6.99 a month with a 6 GB limit.

  Aitchbee 10:11 19 Nov 2011

Thanks, carver, but I will stay with my current ISP - will be wary about click'n on audio/video links, as they waste my time and money.That's one of the reasons why I also turned off the unneccessary video adverts on this website.

  daz60 08:30 23 Nov 2011

Another one to view just as impressive with area names this time.

The landing looks very uncomfortable.Scroll down to Fragile Oasis and Full screen again,mute if you do not like the music.I will have to see the Borealis for real one day.

Suggest Aitch give this a miss.!

Ouch !!!

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