Nano Technology

  stalion 13:19 24 Apr 2005

Watched a very interesting program late last night on Nano Technology and it,s relation to computers and looked this up.Seems this will be the way forward for the computer industry and many other functions.
click here

  Dan the Doctus 16:44 24 Apr 2005

Interesting article. Think we may have to wait a little while before this kind of technology becomes available, certainly longer than 2011! May even hold the key to artificial intelligence since the brain also works at quantum level.

  Praxis99 20:52 24 Apr 2005

You might also be interested to see what Gordon Moore (he of Moore's Law) has to say on the subject of nano tech and on AI click here scroll down to the para 'Integrated Circuit Lives'

  stalion 22:05 24 Apr 2005

yes interesting but the programme I saw last night had the people that are working on it and they have the means but have yet to find the application.Also mentioned was the fact that you can only go so far with the current technology in computers and storage and that time is fast approaching.

  Praxis99 00:02 25 Apr 2005

So enter stage left perpendicular recording. Clearly let's remember Gordon Moore as repeated in the article famously got things way wrong about the uptake of home PC's, however I do think his comments re AI in particular are very pertinent.

Its always struck me that we are on a hiding to nothing trying to create a simulation or whatever of human consciousness when clearly a machine intelligence will be different, imagine never been hungry, not needing money or having a sex drive and so forth and your world view would radically start to alter!

  smy13 18:37 03 May 2005

Maybe i'm an AI
I'm not hungry, Have no money, and no sex drive. No sorry just remembered that being married !!!

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