The names Bond, James Bond

  season8 08:26 15 Nov 2006

Went last night to the star studded premier of the 21st James Bond film Casino Royale staring Daniel Craig. It is without the gizmos that have been in the films of recent times, but it only makes the film better, some great 1 liners and some of the scenery is breath taking.

You still get the baddies & the good guys, but with this film you get to know how Bond got the double O title. Action from the start is violent and it mellows out, the ending, No I’m not going to tell you is 1st class.

It is released to the public this Friday and is worth going to see, the film runs for 2 hrs & 15 minutes.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:51 15 Nov 2006

I have never seen a JB film...........


  €dstowe 08:56 15 Nov 2006

Likewise, I have managed to avoid watching any of the films, even though I was involved in the publicity of a couple of them.

I don't feel that my life is incomplete by this.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:05 15 Nov 2006

I used to like the Bond films, when I were a lad! Latterly I feel they are all the same, violence at the start, violence at the end, lots of filler, waffle and more violence in-between.

  season8 09:13 15 Nov 2006

Gandalf try this one you may be surprised at what you see.

  g0slp 10:45 15 Nov 2006

I'm going to see it tomorrow lunchtime. I thought DC was good in L4yer Cake, so that, combined with the reported lack of OTT gadgetry promises to make it a good yarn.

  donki 11:44 15 Nov 2006

Im looking forward to it, I hated Brosnan as he was sooooo cheesey!! DC seems a bit harder and darker :). Tell me if im wrong?

  Kate B 11:45 15 Nov 2006

I'm looking forward to this as well. I've been a bit of a fan of Daniel Craig's since Our Friends in the North. He was fantastic in Enduring Love.

  donki 11:50 15 Nov 2006

I would have prfered Clive Owen jst because he maybe looked the part, but im happy DC got it too. Its really bad all the crap he is having to put up with, wot do people want? 90year old Connery doing 007 in his zimmer frame?

  IClaudio 14:40 15 Nov 2006

yesterday, and he was a major disappointment, hardly a coherent word during the interview, it was all: 'Y'know, I mean, like..., sort of, kind of'

I remember reading, first the strip cartoon in the Express, and then the books, long before the first film came out. And Connery was absolutely the way I imagined Bond to be. Brosnan wasn't bad, either.

  season8 16:50 15 Nov 2006

Go see the film and then decide, you will enjoy the film. Last night we had cheers, clapping & laughter at some of the scenes. May be Daniel Craigs performance will go down alongside such greats as Sean Connery.

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